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muscle milk

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by 010010ryan, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. is fucking digusting.

    im a fucking twig so i decided id start working out. today was my first time and im drinking my first ever muscle milk drink and this shit is soooo bad lol

    i gag on every sip.

    is it like beer? will i aquire a taste for it after a while?
  2. Shits bad for you. If you're a twig just either stay a twig or eat meat. Its not acquired especially if you bought chocolate flavor
  3. hmm most people say that muscle milk is one of the better tasting shakes. I know that chocolate and milk is really good, almost like a "real" shake. My cousin whose a twig uses this stuff to bulk up, i use different stuff because muscle milk is more of a meal replacement with the amount of fat and such thats in it. Its a lot more than just a normal whey isolate
  4. Bad for you? I call foul sir.
  5. I've I only had the chocolate. And it tasted really good. I'm kinda scared to try the vanilla.
  6. I call somebody didnt do their research sir.
  7. ^ Could you give a quick 1-2 sentence reply containing how its bad for you when used as a supplement?
  8. I just bought the powder and one if these sweet blender bottles. 12oz almond milk 12oz water and 2 scopes. It was really tasty and the bottle blended up so no grainys happened. Just have to shake it up long enough. Yum!

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  9. Muscle milk is disgusting. I'd look into other whey proteins because there are cheaper and better proteins out there.

  10. All dairy is bad for you. And you don't have to eat meat, there are tons of tasty foods besides meat that have more than enough protein for you
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