Mus psychedelicus (tripping mouse)

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  1. this rodent lives on the dmt providing roots and plants of the Amazon and has a life span of 5 times that of Mus musculus as a result of the trance-like state that its food produces. Due to the amount of DMT eaten daily, the Mus psychedelicus manifests on its body the shapes and patterns that would normally occupy the mind only. While this allows for quick identification of the rodent by humans, its unusual pattern is a perfect instrument to confuse its predators. Even if caught, the mouse is toxic to all but the hardiest of animals. It causes delusions and erratic behavior that usually ends in death for foolish predator. Because of this, the Mus psychedelicus has had the opportunity to evolve into consciousness and even has created a rudimentary civilization with standardized laws and political hierarchy. Trade has been established with the indigenous peoples of the area.

    In recent times a northern migration of this mice have occurred so do not be alarmed by these unique creatures if you happen to be lucky enough to see one.

    line art
    color - coming soon.
  2. how did u get the lines so crisp in teh second one i scanned a drawing i did into photoshop but couldnt get them as good as what u have
  3. that's really sick, looking forward to the colors
  4. JTBl0int, i use a 9"x12" wacom tablet. Its extremely useful for drawing on the computer. It makes for a fairly natural experience. I scanned in the original sketch at a high resolution and drew over it on another layer in photoshop. I then add another layer and set it to multiply and i can add color over the linework without disturbing or obscurring the lines themselves.

    also, you are seeing an image that is about 1/5 the size of the image im working with. At that resolution, you can see that some of the lines aren't as clean as you think.
  5. dude those pics are awesome!!! cool back story too :D
  6. damn i would love a pipe with an inspiration like that
  7. thanks guys.

    click the period in "color - coming soon." to see an early version of the color layer. Its rather saturated in its current state which will probably change. i find it easier to work on harmonizing the colors first then rebalancing them for the final output.
  8. I could definately see that as my next tattoo, or definately something based off that. I wanted something to represent my experimentation into alternative methods of exploration ::cough:: drugs ::cough:: but i didnt want something that was totally obvious like a leaf. I think this is a blend; inherently trippy, but not immature/conspiculous. Im going to be thinking about this seriously, inspiration comes from everywhere I guess. Thanks a lot man Plus Rep.
  9. dude im falling right now and i clicked that color scheme. that shit was trippy. plus rep man, i liked that shit.
  10. Wow, that is amazing. Kinda reminds me of those indian totem pole carvings with the color schem you have....totally love it!
  11. cool sheeps101, im glad it has inspired you.

    i think its done
  12. if thats a legit story, thats fucking pimp dude.... if not..... nice imagination!
  13. holy shit WOW

    haha, tripped me out mang. very nice, all of it.

    p.s. after being so fuckin impressed with Lies, Inc. i went out and pickd up the three stigmata of palmer eldritch now i'm on page 80 hehe. dick is a fuck of a writer man if only i could give you rep twice..damn..
  14. yes! i didn't choose this name in vain :D. its rather clumsy being two words and if you've never read the book, you might think its quite a retarded name. But I identified with the character so much i had to keep it for my own and infect others with my reality. Rep to you

    another one of my favorites from Dick is the Divine Invasion which is about the lack of God in the world and the confusion of men. So God sends himself from a distant colony as a form of a child to Earth to remember the truth. Good stuff.
  15. haha wow man that color version is really some sick shit... +rep
  16. incredible. very nice work you have there. I do not quite know what you and delaWHERE? are talking about but it sounds interesting. Books i assume? maybe i will check the library or something
  17. The color version is amazing.. very cool work man!

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