Murdered over Marijuana. The absurdity of it all.

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    Salutations, blades! I am relatively new to the community, and have browsed through threads from time to time for approximately 2 years before I decided to actually register an account. This site has helped me a lot through out the years with questions regarding pot and all. Tonight after smoking two bowls a few minutes ago I found myself getting emotional and wanted to share the story of my former pot dealer, and friend, Mariano Malave, AKA Mario. To give you a quick introduction into his world and who he was, he was both a good friend and my dealer for nearly 2 years. He was murdered this year 7 days after his 25th birthday on April 27th (yes he was born on 4/20) over a pound of Marijuana by an 18 year old kid who did not know him, and he did not know. I've reviewed several online articles about his death and they all depict him in a bad light, apart from this one who was personally written by his probation officer. Street?s win is society?s loss -

    He was not a thug. Yes, he sold Marijuana, and practically worshiped it for it's majestic beauty as the most of us do, but he did not walk around with guns or rob people or things like that. I still remember the first time I met him last New Years Eve, a close friend of mine introduced me to him. I told him I was new to pot smoking and went to buy an 8th from him. I remember lying and telling him I worked as an electrical engineer and made 130k annually in an attempt to make him like me more because I'd be a great customer but in reality I was a an un-employed loser still living with my parents. He didn't care about that, and we spent that entire night together after exchanging numbers. Everyone in the neighborhood knew him and everyone seemed to like him. He had a small bottle of V.S Hennessy Black that he went around giving people sips of, everyone we saw that he knew got a sip from the bottle. I remember telling him that the next day I'd buy an eight of weed off of him although I knew I probably couldn't afford it since I was broke come to think about it I dont know why I lied I seem to lie about stupid shit from time to time in an attempt to make people like me more when i am sober.

    The next day though he asked me if I still needed that 8th and I told him yeah but I didn't get paid until the end of the week so I couldnt afford to buy it until then. Then he asked me at the weeks end and I made another shitty excuse cause I still had no cash and kept on telling him I needed bud and never actually purchased any I just kept stalling and stalling but he never got mad. On the day I actually went to finally go buy weed from him I thought I had bought an eight since I was and still am inexperienced when it comes to eyeballing weed but a few days after I had smoked some of it, a friend of mine came by for a smoking session and when I told him I had an eight he was like "Man this isn't an eight..this is almost a half.." and then he proved it to me with his scale.

    I remember afterwards calling him and basically spazzing over the phone thanking him because not even my best friend had ever really done anything so kind and I hardly even knew the guy. I remember feeling terrible because I bullshitted him and had continued to bullshit him. He told me that it was O.K, because he had plenty to spare but it still meant a lot to me. I wanted to tell the truth to him so bad but I didn't want him to despise me afterwards because I was a big poser and I lied a whole bunch about what I did for a living to people probably because of my insecurities. I continued to buy weed from him and the last time I had contact with him was his birthday on 4/20 me and two friends went to buy weed from him. We didnt exchange much words but I did wish him a happy birthday. The night of his death I remember trying to call him up because a friend of mine needed some weed before he went on a driving trip up to N.H where he was going canoeing.

    It was early in the morning I was told what happened by his girlfriend who was in the kitchen with his cousin when it happened. A kid he had met the day before said he wanted to buy a pound of weed off of him, Mario told him to meet him at his apartment after he got off of work to make the deal. While his girlfriend was in the kitchen with his cousin making lunch she said she heard Mariano yelp "Oh Shit!" after the door bell rang and he opened the door then she heard 3 gunshots. The guy had heartlessly emptied 3 bullets right into his face after he opened the door. He was caught a few weeks after because the idiot had spent all day trying to call Mariano about the deal while he was at work and the police traced his phone.

    The kids name is Charles Reddicks Kash GetsPaper | Facebook (thats him). After I googled his name I found out that this kid was out on $5,000 bail for an unrelated shooting where he had shot some guy in the stomach. He was also expelled from Bostin Latin when he was 16 because there were allegations that he had shot at another student and a staff member after school. I went to both the wake and the funeral, and witnessed Mariano's mother crying and screaming for him to come back and I couldnt help but break down into tears I had never witnessed such a tragic thing before. I used to think my life was sad and depressing but that changed my perspective on things entirely. I really feel like I have made this too long.. excuse me if there are any mistakes my friends I am fairly high. Will look for them now and try to edit any out i find later. This is a tribute to Mariano Malave when you blaze on 4/20 remember his name he was a great person with a great heart who loved pot and had a passion for the plant. Senselessly his life was taken and he will never be able to toke again
  2. Wow that's a lot of words didn't look so huge when I was writing
  3. maybe space it out a bit :smoking:
  4. Sorry about youre friend. Yet another victim of the war on drugs.
  5. Thanks for this man. He sounded like a cool dude. And dealers like those are far too few. It's such a shame how these stories of violence arise over such an incredible plant simply because some ignorant fat cats wish to keep it illegal and waste billions of dollars per year on this "war on drugs bs"
    Hope your doing ok man
  6. RIP to your dealer man. Dude gave you a half for the price of an eighth? thats good people
    Agree with twitchy , another victim of the war on drugs.
    One deaths a tragedy, a thousand is a statistic
  7. I'm doing fine although I was pretty traumatized after the first week since that the was first time I have ever dealt with death or anything nearly that traumatic. I check up every now and then on his mother since she works where my mother works, at Boston Medical Center. It's always so sad and depressing every time I see her it almost brings me to tears. She's such a wonderful and kind woman she did not deserve to lose her son. What is sickening was the person who did this had just turned 18, so he basically flushed his life down the toilet also.. all for what... a few hundred dollars worth of weed? But I dont care for him at all. After he was apprehended he was seriously only concerned about taking his finals while in prison because he didn't want to fail for the year
  8. fuck that im too stoned to read a essay.

  9. I have absolutely no problem reading when im stoned...
  10. RIP i'm gonna smoke a joint to his existence wish i had a dealer like that plus that shows that just cause you sell an illegal substance doesn't make you a criminal
  11. First off. I'm so sorry about your friend. That's awful. If you ever wanna talk to someone PM me. I'm a great listener and I don't judge.


    Over weed. Ridiculousness... That's just as messed as in the 90's when that kid was killed over a Pokemon card.
  12. Thanks but I'm fine. Yeah its terrible. He was too trusting of people, he had met the kid through a friend of his just a day before, and the kid instantly told him he wanted to buy a pound from him, for most people alarms would have been raised. But he gave the kid his address and told him to come after he got off of work basically inviting the devil into his living quarters.
  13. Never do it at your house.. EVER!! Unless you have known the person for a while.
  14. Yeah I wonder what makes an 18 year old kid do that though ??? I wonder if he realizes that Mariano had nieces, two brothers a sister and a mother. Shooting somebody you dont know point blank 3 times in the face for a pound of weed? Why are people such evil beings? I have never heard of an animal that has ever killed for profit
  15. man im sorry for your loss the good ones really do die young smh.
  16. Damn man, I'm sorry to hear that. He sounded like a really nice guy.

  17. Dam did that really happen over a fucking Pokemon card?
  18. Looked at the dudes facebook and I'm deeply saddened that your friend was killed by that ghetto trash, but I'm glad he's locked up.
  19. My condolences :( times like this makes me glad we have police so shitpumps like that are no longer free, maybe he'll get his comeuppance in jail. One can only hope!
  20. Yeah I agree about the police part. And the probation officer writing that article was really nice. Sad that the media was hopping on the band wagon and writing about him. Glad that the person who knew most about his bad deeds came forward to speak of the good in him.

    Sorry for your loss OP. It may be awhile ago but these things pop up in your mind from time to time. It would be worse if they didn't.

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