Murdered out my MacBook (pics inside)

Discussion in 'General' started by LostOnThaMoon, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Something i've been wanting to do for awhile. I didn't take a real professional approach to it, so it's something anyone can do at home if they want.

    Instead of taping up my macbook in all the small areas, I just bought a clear plastic cover for my laptop that clips on the top screen and onto the bottom. 

    You can use plasti-dip. It's a removable rubber coating thats great for metal, plastic, or glass. Comes in a spray can. I've used it on the emblems on my car and there hasn't been a single sign of it fading or peeling off and it's been over 6 months. It can be found just about anywhere. I went to Lowe's and purchased "FlexiDip" and it's pretty much the exact same thing.

    So I started by just applying some coats. Did about 10 coats, which doesn't take long cause it dries rather quickly. Once I got the coating to the way I wanted and it was dry, I just clipped the cover back onto my macbook.

    I know people will be like "Oh but the inside is still silver what the fuck" .... look if you want to paper/tape up your screen and keyboard by all means go for it. It will look a lot cooler but I just didn't feel like getting possible overspray on my macbook today and making more work for myself. I already had these covers so I started by painting them first. Maybe in the future i'll do the whole thing, but this simply prevented me from screwing up perfectly good looking macbook.
    \n\n\nI could've taken a better final picture. Now that it's in the house, and super dry and all I think it looks much better than the picture I posted. Owell.
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    I know you from KTT :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
    i'll pose the same question I did over there...
    why not just use a black snap on plastic cover? lol?
  3. murdered out.....
    trying to get some mileage out of the one eh
    cool computer though
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    I didn't own one. plus it probably wouldnt have been matte black.
  5. Looks like a pretty good job. Did you put any kind of clear coat on top of it or just the matte black? Something like matte finish would be worth a look into I would imagine.
  6. But why?
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    Looks cool OP
    i purposely used matte black. no clear coat.
  9. best part about plasti dip is at anytime i can peel it off in one peice like a sticker. yet it doesnt peel from just daily using it. 
  10. Was talking about something like this
    Use it all the time for paintings and other things that I have needed a clear coat on but didn't want anything shiny. Won't even know it is there. Was just throwing out a suggestion.
  11. Notebook as fashion, bro.

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