Murder Mountain

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  1. There is a new series on Netflix about the growers of Humbolt County CA through the years. The guy that went to Pakistan is in the beginning of the series, talking about how he went there (I believe it was in the 70's) and got the seeds to plant there. There are only 6 episodes in the series, and it's really good, worth watching!
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  2. Seen it too, really good series and definitely worth a chance
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  3. Finished watching it yesterday. I really enjoyed it!

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  4. Pretty wild scene out there.. I much prefer my basement, free of tweakers and gun toting sketch balls on atv's..

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  5. It's sad that the big companies are going to put the little growers out of business because of the cost of all the fees, etc, to grow legally.
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  6. I saw it too. Loved it. I feel sorry for the dad though.
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  7. I watched half of this last night, and will watch the rest tonight. So interesting and so many different things to take from it, from the hippy culture through to legalisation! A must watch for everyone in the community.
  8. I watched it last week very good watch

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