Murder Conspiracy: Legit Shit

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  1. Just a warning this post is going to be extremely long. I don't want to ignore any details. I want you all to help me analyze this information and resolve this for me once and for all.

    Murder Conspiracy

    Back Story: I was dating this girl all throughout high school. She was pretty legit and I only knew one side of her family for a year while we dated. I never knew her mom and my girl put off me meeting her for as long as possible. She had her reasons from serious abuse in the past, but I won't go into that because it isn't entirely relevant.

    When I finally did meet her mother everything seemed out of place. She was too nice to me, and so was her husband. They lived in a house that had a crumbling infrastructure. Instead of carpet they had boards covering massive holes in the floor with rugs over the top of them. Growing up I had never seen such a ghetto house. I didn't act disgusted by the way they lived even though DHS should have probably removed this woman's children for never having any food in the fridge and living in a disgusting home.

    Anyway things went extremely well for the longest time. This woman would always be overly nice to me, and so would her husband who was police chief for the town. I'll call him Jeff. So Jeff was a military veteran who was receiving his 20 year retirement benefits. At this same time he was only a few months from ending his 20 year career as a police officer so he would soon be receiving pension from two jobs and be retiring all together and receiving SS benefits. Jeff has a 3yr old with this girls mom. Lets call her "Sally".

    The Story:

    Jeff and Sally were being so kind to my girl and I. They even convinced my girl to move back in with them and I agreed. They let us do whatever the hell we wanted. Sleep overs and what have you. We were 16 and 17 at the time and we thought we were in heaven. Right after junior prom shit hit the fan. Her mother transformed into this crazy she devil. I admit I wasn't the most polite young man at that point in time, but I'll give you a couple examples.

    1. Sally asked me if I would like a cookie and I said "ofcourse". Next thing I know she is yelling at me for not using correct manners and gives me, I shit you not an hour long lecture about what a terrible child I am, and that how my parents never taught me right.

    2. I was invited over for the town parade and festival. After which we were told there would be light chores to be done. Instead of doing chores (Since I didn't live there). I decided to watch their 3 year old austic child who needs constant attention. Hes the kind of kid who runs out into traffic constantly...literally. Anyway for not offering to help mow the lawn Sally called me an ill mannered brat and started screaming at me. She said she had never seen such a terrible person as me to watch a woman mow the lawn and not offer to help.
    She started screaming so much that all of her children started crying including my girlfriend. Instead of calming down she grabbed my GF by the arm and drug her kicking and screaming into the house as she screamed at me to get off of her property. I tell her no, but she got a crazy look in her eye and her husband is the chief of police. I didn't feel like going to jail so I backed off even as I heard her slapping the shit out of her kids. Bitch was fucking crazy.

    I was about to call the county sheriff at this time, but I didn't think Jeff deserved to be humiliated like that. I simply called my girls father and basically begged him to let his daughter back into his house. He agrees and I coordinate with my girl a plan to sneak her out of her moms house. We did it like fucking ninjas in the middle of the night. She snuck out her clothing and belongings and even her car title while I loaded everything up. We end up getting stuck in the muddy ass driveway..I almost lost my shit when that happened.

    I'm sitting there...essentially having committed burglary, kidnapping, and GTA (I was 18 at the time, she was 17). We get out and push, and we got the fuck out of there. After this shit went down her mom went insane! Trying to press random charges on us and her father. She even so much as came to my moms work just to scream at her about how terrible I was.

    After this things went back to normal. Probably 6 months go by, and everything seems fine. I hear that Jeff is about to have an elective surgery on his neck. He received some sort of wound back in his military days and it was causing neck and back pain. I'm not entirely certain of what the surgery entailed, but I do know that it was outpatient and he was supposed to fully recover.

    Him and his wife were having issues at this point as always. They were pretty terrible to their kids and he was always upset because she had no real job and hadn't had one in years. She sold sex toys out of a catalog. Oh did I forget to mention that? Yea my ex's mom sold sex toys for a living, and pretty much forced us to buy sex toys a few times so she could make a sale. Trust me there is no more awkward moment in a mans life then when he is asked to look through a catalog of vibrating dildos with his girlfriend while her mom suggests what she should get...

    Back to the story. The night that Jeff came home from his surgery he was feeling fine. Minor pain, but he took medication for it and went to sleep. He had some sort of sleeping disorder where he wore a mask like Darth Vader. During the night at some point he apparently had "Violent Force" applied to his stitches and several sutures came undone. He was in so much pain that he thought he was dying and went via ambulance to the hospital. I remind you that this man has had no serious health issues in his life and is only in his late 50s.

    When he arrives at the hospital it is discovered that several massive blood clots were created in his neck, and after serious surgery he becomes stable. The only problem? Hes now a quadriplegic..bam just like that. One hour he is fully functional the next..he's unable to move any part of his body. He can't even talk anymore. The doctors believe that this is going to be permanent. Everyone is all like WTF? I even went to see him in the hospital, and his wife was all "Nice again"

    Something was off about her. She was extremely kind to me again in an almost sociopathic way. I had begun to notice a similar behavioral pattern in her daughter as well. It was like she was trying to show emotion...but could only do it in a way that seemed off. I can't explain it in words, but the looks she would give me sometimes sent a shiver down my spine. Like I was talking to a living breathing Dexter. Her daughter had begun the same behavior...expressing words without emotion, and a facial expression that was so incredibly cold it scared me. The body language just made you think "This isn't right".

    The Ending:

    Time went on and things were good again. I dumped the girl I had loved and had been dating for two years. Her behavior had completely changed and she was keeping secrets from me, and lying to me about the dumbest shit. I was starting to see her mother in her eyes each day. It was as if she was putting a mask on all the time. I knew she had been raped and abused throughout her childhood by her mothers boyfriends, and previous ex husbands. I always let her use that as an excuse, but I couldn't deal with it anymore. She was crazy..and my family and friends had been pointing it out for over a year.

    When we ended our relationship I honestly couldn't tell you who she was. The day we stopped dating she began dating a string of guys and even went on to do nude modeling and worked in a strip club. -

    Getting side tracked from the story...anyway Jeff continues to improve and he can now talk very softly. He had some feeling in his hands, and he could move a few of his toes. I have no idea if he would have fully recovered or not if he had a chance. The idea of his death had NEVER been brought up, and seeing as how his condition came about from a simple procedure I never saw it coming. He wasn't even in the ICU anymore. He was in regular care and doing just fine.

    Then one day in the early morning when it was just Jeff and Sally in their closed room. Jeff goes *Poof*. Jeff just "quit breathing" at some point during the night and passed away while Sally was sleeping. Or thats how the story goes. Jeff was still on work leave as police chief and a few months prior had reached his 20 yr mark and was to begin receiving full pension benefits upon retirement.

    Upon his death Sally received all of his benefits from both the Army and the PD. My ex and I were done with each other, but she let me know of Jeffs passing and even mentioned to me the funeral time and location. She told me not to expect anyone there to be okay with my presence, but I didn't care. I wanted to pay my respects.

    When I arrived at the funeral I witnessed my ex flirting with one of her male cousins...It creeped me the fuck out. Whenever she looked at me it was that same look...the emotionless soulless look. I ignored her for the most part and went straight to her mother. As I approached Sally I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She ignored me for 10 minutes as I stood in front of her and she hugged her family members and I was understanding.

    When everyone was finally away she motioned me to come towards her. She looked at me and gave a sly smile and her tears were gone. She wasn't actually crying... All I saw was the same look in her eyes that creeped me the fuck out. She hugged me close and whispered in my ear "He didn't blame you for anything you did. You're just a stupid kid". The weirdest fucking tingling feeling shot down my spine after this and I motioned for the door. I gave my ex a kiss on the cheek and left.

    End + Analysis:

    None of this information ever clicked for me until the funeral. Even after that I had my doubts. Whenever I was in the same room as this woman I always had this uneasy feeling in my stomach. Like I wasn't welcome and that she like her daughter rarely showed her true emotions. I firmly believe both of them are sociopaths willing to do anything and to show no real emotion. Its just this extremely cold...gut feeling that I've always had. I could see it in both of them.

    It just never sat right with me, and once I had time to take in everything and examine the situation a little better I just became more and more suspicious. I wish you all could have seen these events through my eyes as I did. Neither of these women ever tell the full truth..Hell my ex discovered that her father may actually be one of three different men. One who raped her at age 9, one who married her mother at 19 and then was just never seen again, and the man she considers to be her father.

    I like not to think back on these events, as I consider them some of the most damaging to my mental stability as a younger kid. This woman would scream at me until I bawled...and I thought I was tough back then :cool:.

    If you actually read this far and want more information please feel free to ask. No I am not a troll. This is all legit shit bra.

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    Fuck sake man.
  3. I know that feel bro. :poke:
  4. I don't see a way out :(

    How are your relationships now out of interest? and how old are you?
  5. This looks like it could be well-written and interesting. I will blaze and then read it. :)
  6. damn, sorry for pain and weirdness you went thru. this was well done and a great read, if you could make up stories like this you could probably write some awesome stuff (or maybe you do)

    anyway also there was a woodpecker doin some beats outside when I was smoking and I grooved some robot moves :smoke: so already a good Sunday.

    Was there any investigation when the dude died, wasn't it like suspicious? autopsy?
  7. That's sketchy. I have no idea but I wouldn't doubt if she smothered him with a pillow during the night for the benefits.
  8. That sucks man, it must have felt bad to see your girl turn into that, sorry about all that.

    Yeah, I'm wondering too, what did the autopsy say? And was there no enquiry into the "violent force" that opened his stitches? The 'violent' part of that makes me feel it was more than a turn in his sleep that did it.
  9. Interesting read. +Rep for telling a good story.
  10. His wife tried to explain it to me by saying he quickly sat up and jerked his neck upwards in the middle of the night, but I feel that it would have taken a lot more than that to rip out his stitches and fuck up all of his sutures like that. Especially since the guy sleeps like a rock because of his darth vader breathing machine.
  11. Haha I honestly haven't dated anyone since this girl. All of this really kinda fucked me up man. I've just been sleeping around with a lot of skanks while juggling failing out of school and quitting every job I get.

    I turn 21 soon.
  12. Damn thats fucked up... start haunting her act like a ghost
  13. Stay the fuck away or you'll be victim #2.

    I know a lady like this..... Gives me chills thinking bout her.
  14. O_O serious story!!!
    i have no idea what to say, but i feel creeped out...
  15. Dog she did it, just look what she said to you when she saw you at the funeral. She knew you wouldn't tell anyone since you never did before. She is playing you thinking that she is better than you, like she can control you, and she actually did.

    Step up and say something, he is an ex police chief there will be a investigation.
  16. That sucks, but didn't you post this same story awhile back? Just not this much, and earlier today?
  17. They say children act like their parents. Your ex gf must of finally shown her mothers side. Theres nothing you could of done bro, you did the right thing. It would of only gotten worse.
  18. You have to end her for the principal of it. She cut down a man in his golden years for some scratch. Just follow her one day and crack her skull in.....
  19. Holy fuck I need to go get stoned then read this brb...
  20. Holy shit....

    U should start negotiating the movie rights bro, good story...

    Creepy, I def think there's something wrong with that family

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