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Discussion in 'General' started by Numbers, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I suprisingly havent seen a thread directed at our fatass eating habits after smoking.. Anyone have a certain snack that they fix up after smoking?? I make a kickass Quesadilla.. Probably has about 3000 calories per quesadilla.. But who cares! I'm not in it to get skinny! You think i got fat by eating vegetables?? (im not really fat, but in my mind.. i am) Share me some stoner recipes.. I love munchies, and i'm always looking for an awesome new treat.. Later guys!...

  2. evidently you havent discovered the search button...type in muchies and you'll get a good 1200000000000000 hits hey but since your new we'll cut you a break

    but to answer the question the best thing in the world is a PB and J sandwitch with bacon.:wave:
  3. I love making thin crust pizza and having green tea with it..mmm..

  4. None of the fancy shit, just some frosty kelloggs with some freezing cold milk on it! Ohhhhhh god *orgasm*.:hello:
  5. ice cream, pizza, doritos, snickers
  6. most used...frozen pizza or a sandwich.

    favorite....mexican food. preferably a steak burrito. and i need good salsa.

    edit: there are a million threads. but you're new.

    welcome to the city!
  7. Cold pizza and cold pepsi, if available. Otherwise, anything that happens to be in the fridge. :smoking:
  8. chili cheese frito's for sure

    best drink---- dr. pepper
  9. Lemonade and granola bars (the soft kind). :D JOE>
  10. sweet tarts man, fucking sweet tarts, or ice cream smoothie skittles, but sweet tarts, its like an explosion in your your mouth, very good shit, and the skittles taste like ice cream so yeah sweet tarts
  11. Toaster Strudels!, Had those yesterday for munchies lol, so good! :yummy:
  12. Chili cheese burritos and breadsticks from tacobell/pizza hut
  13. Bawls energy drink, bag of Limon Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a Take Five ice cream bar. mmmmm. I get that everytime I to 7/11.
  14. This place called wok box its like a cafe with asian food thats awesome, and the guy who works there is nice as hell, free refills on pop for 2.00 for a large

    and like 8 bucks for a awesome meal, so everytime I go it runs me 10-12 bucks which sucks but man oh man, its awesome.
  15. This stuff is so hard to put down.. just ask BabyToker, we used to go through bags of this stuff

  16. no, just 380 hits

    Taco Bell is the best, just order anyhting

  17. :smoking: I :love: LOVE :love: SweetTarts! :smoking:

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