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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntface, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Its not really the cost of herb that drives me poor. Its controlling my munchies that will determine my financial stability.

    ANYWAYS... just name off your usual/unusual munchie cravings after a session.
  2. -Chinese food from downtown Toronto (newho king)
    -Hostess Party Mix (spicy doritos, fritos, crunchy cheetos, pretzels)
    -7-11 jamaican patties
    -Any all you can eat chinese buffet
    -Bubble Tea

    After these satisfying munchies, dont forget to blaze a splif! pEACE!
  3. I find Juice POps or Ice Cream Bars to kick ass!

    Ice Cream
    Coco Puffs
    Snickers Ice Cream Bars
    Fresh fruit (chilled) YUM!
  4. oh god yes. those frozen fruit juics bars (strawberry!!!!) are awesome!!! I love the taste of them when Im stoney. good choice muscle. actually good taste with all those munchies!! lol welcome to the city! lol ;)
  5. Homer's Cinnamon Donut's are about the greatest thing ever made for general munchie purposes. The McCain's Deep and Delicious cakes are also prime food for munching.

    The Homer's are a type of cereal that just came out, it's like cinnamon toast crunch in the shape of cheerios, and for some reason the cereal is dirt cheap... I think they're just getting me hooked and then they'll jack up the prices.... damn those captains of industry!
  6. beef jerky
    ice cream
    gummi bears
    ketchup lays
    sushi bar
    1L choco milk

    damn straight
  7. Cheese-Its
  8. You can never get enuff beef jerky, ITS GREAT! Its so chewy too. also the smell of smoked beef often covers the smell of smoked herb. Peace
  9. Actually, anything considered "edible" will do, but in order to continue to fit through the doorways I have tried to stick to:
    Juice Bars

    and when I'm really bad:
    Big Mac and fries
    any and all chocolate
    ice cream, ice cream, ice cream
    guacamole and tortilla chips......I'll take a margarita with that!

    Sometimes I get these awesome buds that make me really wired and then when I start to mellow I get serious munchies.
    So bad that even my chihuahua was starting to look tasty.
  10. Hell fucking yeah, somethin about Big Macs that put a smile on my face.
  11. Frosted Flakes There GRRRRRRREAT!
    Chinese Food
    Cool Ranch Doritos
    And if Im lucky to get some, fresh boiled peanuts :)
  12. Del Taco chicken soft tacos with del scorcho sauce (awww yea) and/or Krispey Kreme donuts.
  13. flamin hot cheetos, choco milk, sweet tarts and anything with ranch
  14. they are sooooooooo good!!! I dont think there is anything else in the chip section of a normal convenience store that is spicier than those. They tear me appart! Thats where the 2L slurpies at 7-11 come in handy!
  15. Neopolitan Ice Cream and Minute Maid orange juice is the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Full-fledged member of the Stoner Union Local 420

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  16. lol....its funny how stoners have the same tastes

    For me the usual is........

    1 L chocolate milk

    BUT when i feel like splurging its gotta be

    1 box of nesquick ceral
    1 L of chocollate milk

    Im telling you its so chocolately the milk like STAINS the bowl
  17. in order to have the munchies... you have to HAVE WEED! lol... but i usually just go to Taco Bell and grab a chicken quesadilla. :) those are yummy! :)

    mojta (waiting for a hookup still)

    the count is (in days): 18 since i last touched the sweet sweet cheeba. :( indiana blowz. god i hate this state.
  18. you're doin better than me. It has been almost 2 months since i talked to my old friend 'joe green'. i just moved to dallas and am trying to find a job. damn drug tests!!!!
  19. Carls JR - Dbl Wester Bacon Cheese Burger AND or Spicy Chicken Sandwitch.

    McDonalds - Dbl Quarter Pounder With Cheese

    Pop Tarts
    Salsa and Chips

    and for the Cotton Mouth
    Water and Dr Pepper :)
  20. Beyond the obvious, you guys gotta try Nerd's Rope. It is nerds attached to a gummy rope. Its in a purple rapper and is an insanely good munchy food (especially with a slurpie).


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