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  1. i never get the munchies, but i always eat a lot. you know?
  2. Maybe you smoke so much you always have the munchies and don't realize it... Whenever I smoke alot i eat like 6 full meals a day, thank god for my fast metabolism. Now I'm going to go eat the other half of my red baron pizza!
  3. uhm are you sure you dont just have the munchies then?
  4. yeah i know what your sayin dude.

    i dont actually get hungry i just eat for somethin to do.
  5. I always get the munchies, but after awhile of eating I get full, but still continue to eat, because the food is so amazing. It's awesome, because almost everytime when I have the munchies, my mom had just went to the store, so we have all tons of snack foods and my mind goes into munchie overload since I don't know what I want to eat first! =D
  6. dude that happened to me so much.. also my parents would order pizza for my friends and I back in the day and we would smoke right before it got there ^_^
    Getting the munchies may be one of my favorite parts of being high
  7. I know what you're talking about. Whenever I smoke, I just want to eat something, but I'm not like mad hungry or anything. I get full and everything too, off of just a normal sized meal. I actually wanna get the munchies just to see what its all about. It sounds like fun to me.

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