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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by twiztidblunt, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. i noticed when ever i smoke i get the munchies me and my friends were talking bout this and a few of them said eating get rid of your high i tried not eating after smoking i just cant do it whut i want to know is there n e truth in whut they r saying
  2. YES definetly.i didnt used to beleve it but i do now its from me munchies are for noobs
  3. I dunno about that, I've been smoking 4 years (sure not a long time, but by no means noobish) and I still love to munch out every now and then... never seemed to affect my high
  4. i still always eat when after i get really high, but its not like eating a bag of chips or some cookies like i used to when i was new at it, now me and my girlfriend go out and get an actual meal and it taste so good and we don't seem to lose our high
  5. I try not to eat when I'm stoned.... It can be rather hard to stop! rotflmao :D:D
  6. ^
    thats why i like it. I'm trying to gain some weight myself, and it always helps me eat 10x more than i normally would hah...

    I've never found it to effect my high...
  7. Only problem I ever have with munching out is that I eat way too much and my stomach starts to hurt. But thats cuz if I get really bad munchies Ill go through a big bag of chips, a large slushie, and a chocolate bar, with some cherry blasters or somethin...then go smoke another joint haha. But seriously, it can get pretty expensive to go into a Mac's and drop like 6 bucks on junk food, not to mention unhealthy. But once I start eating, theres no stopping it.
  8. I've noticed that with less potent weed eating does kill the high somewhat but for real good bud no real effects except great tasting food.
  9. I usually try not to eat, because it kills my high. Then again, sometimes I burst and just have to eat everything i find in the fridge.

    Still...I tried this once and it's fun: Put some oil in a saucepan, warm it, then put some hash in it and boil til the hash has melted. Then you put in the popcorn. Eat that for munchies and you'll never kill your high. It's rather that you get more stoned, then you eat some more popcorn, then you get even more stoned, so you eat even more popcorn, then.............(I think you get my point)
  10. you guys are tellin me you dun like to eat when you is high? and you dun like to smoke some mo? munchies are for stoners. long live food!
  11. no offence but what the hell are you talking about?!?

    munchies make you unhigh?? munchies are for noobs?? what!???

    Munchies are for potheads, stoners, and anyone who likes to get high! its the most important part of the blaze!! who wants to smoke up and then starve to death????

    whoever said it kills your high, have you ever smoked weed before ???? it most definately does not make you lose your high.

    anyways, food + weed = happy. bottom line. cuz stone cold said so.
  12. I smoke to Get the munchies. It's the only way I can have an
    appetite. Thank God for pot, otherwise I'd probably never
    eat. Well rarely eat, anyway.
  14. I eat sausage rolls and white chocolate when stoned, they taste B-E-A-utiful :p
  15. It seems some of you are confused. If you have food in your system before you smoke it can be harder, or take more, for you to get stoned. If you are already stoned it doesn't matter how much you eat, it will not be the source of your diminishing high.
  16. Munchies are for noobs....LMAO that is the funniest thing i've ever heard. shit im stoned. Time to go fix my water heater
  17. i said that bcuz honestly{after smoking for a while},i dont get the munchies except when i smoke REALLY powerful herb.
  18. I know what you are saying and I would kinda agree(leaving out any noob references though). I mean when I first started smoking the munchies effected a lot more. It seems it has subsided considerably since then though. But, If I start eating after I smoke I still don't get full. It's just that smoking alone doesn't really make me hungry if I wasn't before.

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