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  1. So I was thinking, as a business idea. It would be cool to open up a chain of fast food restaurants. The name of the restaurant would be Munchies. And it would only be open from like 11 PM - 6-7 AM. At the restaurant there would be a bunch of weird, delicious foods that stoners would love. I think this would be a really awesome idea. Maybe there would even be a little store that sold bowls and bongs attached to the restaurant
  2. And the foods would all be named super funny things
    Cheese dick pizza. Popcorn farts. Long schlong banana split. Totally baked cookies.
  4. fur burger, toasted burger covered in seasoning then with the fresh organic veggies, topped with a hemp burger bun, YUM!
    cannabis cock sauce, a mixture of cannabis oil and ketchup & mayonnaise all blended into a sauce of joy, dip your amazing cheese fries into the sauce abyss. 
  5. i would really love some rasberrys fresh from a german garden. or a banana split topped in gay rainbow strips. mmmmmmmmm
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  6. This is brilliant wow
  7. Oh man, you have to sell papples. It's like a pear apple hybrid thing, they taste absolutely amazing stoned. They're really juicy like a pear but with that appley crunch, and the flavour is somewhere in between the two.
    Damn, I really want one now... Or three.
  8. And a whole section in the back with just mad cereal and milk :)
  9. And bunches of those 40oz bags of fruity pebbles!!

    I burnt through one in 2 days so start stackin up!!

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  10. This is a really really good idea!!!!
    Hot dogs and Hershey syrup... :yummy:
  11. I would go!! This idea is awesome
  12. there sounds like thered be good money in this

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  13. Damn.. I shouldn't read these things while high with the serilus muchies. I would visit this resturant every day of my life forever

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  14. It would be the cherry on the cake if this fast food chain included home delivery ;D

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