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Munchies Pickup! (Oh yeah and more Hindu Kush Pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Well I ordered 2 boxes of violet crumbles, one 5 pound bag of Haribo Happy-Cola, and a box of Kinder Bueno. They are all so damn good. I have to make sure not to eat too many in one setting. LOL. Of course this thread would not be complete without some more Hindu Kush pics. Smoke one Blades!:bongin:

    Hindu Kush:


  2. lovin the master kush. we have different tastes in food :p
  3. never had aussie munchies before. that shit looks good though
  4. Always sitting on some goodies. Keep smoking man :smoking:

    Would rep if I could, you know I love that kush.

    Whats happy cola?

  5. Happy cola are these cola flavored soda shaped gummy candies made by Haribo.

    The Violet Crumbles are from Australia and I am not sure where the Kinder Buenos are from.
  6. Kinder buenos are all over Europe, and European shops in the US
  7. looks nice, havent heard of those snacks but i bet u had a good time with it
  8. LOL the munchies thread and you actually ordered all that shit. ENJOY. them r finna be bomb
  9. LOL I can't believe you ordered a whole box of Kinder Buenos. If I ordered a box AND had Hindu Kush, the bars would be gone in less than a week. I hope you didn't try them until you were baked!

  10. Oh I coudn't resist I took one bite before I got high last night, but I was still partially stoned. I didn't eat a whole one until I did get totally baked, and you were right, its like a fucking orgasm in your mouth. Those Kinder Buenos are the bomb and thanks for recommending them. :)
  11. LOL I know what you mean. I had 3 two packs the other night baked and they were gone FAST. How many are in that box?
  12. 30 I believe, but not now, more like 20.
  13. Haribo is a German candy company. They make excellent gummy bears for sure, the Happy-Cola are good. For german class in High school, we went to this german restaurant and they had a gift shop with hella good candy for sale. Mmmmm. I wish I could go back.
  14. your candy is awe inspiring, and your kush makes my blunts cry for help.
  15. that munch is whack, no skittles?
  16. Man I haven't had Kinder Buenos since I was at the Polish Market.

    Those are bomb! Soooooo good.
  17. kinder bueons are sooooo niceeeeeeeeee.
  18. LOL just watch how fast they disappear. I bet faster than that kush!
  19. Next time you shop for goodies, try Kinder Schokolade. Not as good as the Buenos but definately way better than a Hershey bar. Its Kinder chocolate with this type of creamy milk like stuff in the center. There also called Kinder Riegel. Just look for the box with the willie wonka looking kid on it. :smoke:


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