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Munchies,Munchies and MUNCHIES

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The_Lawn_420, Feb 4, 2014.

  1.                                    - Welcome to the Lawn -
                                                               sit back and enjoy the green
    OK so right now i just finished smoking a dime of sticky-bubba kush and i got the munchies!. 
    I want a Double Whopper with Large fries and Dr.Pepper. If i cant have that ill go to Mc.D's and order three Spicy Chicken sandwiches and a Large Sprite. There is one true choice, but what is it?
    My 4-20 brothers..i will go to both!         
                                                                    :hippie:  ((share your best munchies moment!!!) :hippie: 

  2. kfc chicken bucket. i get that at least once a week
  3. Bag of milk duds and now n laters
  4. dont forget to make sure u have plenty of toilet paper instock because the middle of the night and tomorrow is gonna be fun for you
  5. beefy 5 layer burritos from taco bell
  6. One time i was drunk and stoned and i got the munchies and went to a super market with a back pack and loaded up i stole so much shit. I even an entire caked and a bunch of the big chip bags and other stuff. i then went across the street and stole a bunch of food from there to and then i went and munched the fucked out on some curb. :D     :metal:   :smoking:
  7. MacDonalds? Man if your gonna eat fast food you can do waaay better bk,taco bell,dk just a few quick examples.
  8. Burger King is boss, not too many around here nowadays.   To that fucking guy stealing shit, not cool man it makes it more expensive for people who aren't assholes.
  9. that's kind of depressing 
  10. Dudee once I was stoned out of my mind and I went to McDonalds with a friend, he ordered one 2 dollar burger (because I was paying for him) and I ordered 2 of those burgers and nuggets... They gave me the 3 burgers and said that the nuggets arent ready yet, after like 5 minutes another employee comes and checks my bill, and hands me 3 more burgers and my nuggets!
    Safe to say that was the best munchies of my life!
  11. How? :confused_2:  I was stoned and drunk and got a free 50$ worth of food.  :D   :bongin:   
  12. Best moment was this past weekend. Smoked with my girlfriend hit up mcdonalds but wanted chic fil a fries I got two meals from both places, then those new Taco Bell XXL nachos have been looking pretty damn good so I stopped there and got that too and had 3 large sprites but didn't realize till I got all my food hahaha.

    I'm still dealing with the digestion of all of it lmao.

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  13. Pizza, orange soda. And then gummy worms and an Arnold Palmer
  14. Totinos pizza rolls. The jalapeno poppers kind. Shit is fire and way cheaper than other jalapeno poppers.

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