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  1. So...some people get munchies, some people don't...I'd say the majority lean towards getting the munchies though, wouldn't you?

    Here's my deal.
    I'm overweight. I'm tanky, very shouldery and strong built and hold it better than some might but I'm still a chunky fucker.
    I don't think I eat that badly...and I, generally speaking, do not eat a LOT.
    ...but then I get stoned and it all changes.
    I do eat lots. Often at night when I start getting stoned (kid) I'll have already had dinner, and's almost like I'll eat another meals worth of shit, then sweet things too...I'm not usually even into sweet foods...and even though I know I've eaten lots, sometimes I'll eat that much throughout an evening that I'll get reflux when i'm trying to sleep and damn near choke myself.

    So I figure, if what they say is true and diet/food consumption are the majority factor when it comes to weight loss (just getting back into gym as well...that's fun after a long break...ugh) then the main problem I have is that I get stoned, get the munchies, and eat like a motherfucker.

    I've been attempting lately to engage a little more control...I'll eat before, or sometimes even half my meal before I get stoned, so that rather than eating MORE with the munchies, it's still only "the other half" of it.
    I've had some snack foods last night, we had corn chips, sour cream and salsa...I ate like 7 and then stopped. Which was kinda torturous, because all I wanted to do was get a slice of white bread (smart...), a slice of cheese, and stuff it with chips, salsa, and sour cream.
    I managed not to.
    I think I have an eating disorder or something though...not only with the munchies, but sometimes I'll be preoccupied by wanting to eat something, and it'll just relentlessly be on my mind until I do...and actually difficult and unpleasant...more often than not, I lose the willpower battle.
    Munchies makes it worse. Way worse.
    Though last night, I won the battle.
    Funny...after about a half an hour, the intensity of the food craving kind of goes away.
    Probably something to do with it that on my first visit back to the gym late last week I saw my weight had not only gone up, but to more than I've ever weighed before.

    I've taken to going to gym every second day at night.
    My logic is that it'll leave me less idle time to get stoned and eat, while working off some of my dinner.
    That and yeah, I need to be hitting the gym, range of movement wise.

    So aside from telling my pathetic story here...I am wondering about something.

    I pondered hey, if I quit weed maybe that'll solve this issue...and if I do it long enough maybe non-munchie eating habits will carry over...but then, I'll be honest, weed makes the rest of my nights so much better, I'm not really in this to quit right now.
    So down to control.

    I was wondering though...we know weed gives people the munchies, it like...without looking up the terminology, from my understanding it kind of "shuts off" some receptor thingama in your brain, a bit that normally lets you know when you're not hungry, or full.
    I'm guessing this is why they say cannabis is good for people that lose their appetite due to chemo etc.

    Aside from that though, is there actually a physical effect from having weed/the munchies?
    Like, does your metabolism *actually* speed up or something as well?

    What I'm wondering this:

    No weed, no munchies, no eating.
    Weed, munchies and no eating.

    Would "option B" there actually facilitate weight loss any more than option A?

    Thank you, from one ignorant motherfucker.
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  2. If you got munchie problems when u smoke make healthy snacks dude or find healthier ways to eat ur fav snack... Like say you like to snack on chicken, cook it in an air fryer & it'll be healthier:confused_2::laughing:

    Do you drink alcohol?? I found when I was drinking I couldn't drop weight at all but when I stopped drinking I dropped a T shirt/waist size without changing what foods I ate:smoke:
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  3. Sadly, no alcohol...aside from like every second or third month maybe for 1 or 2?
    I'd rather try not to snack at all, but yeah I have moved towards easier availability of healthier options. I'd like to steer clear of any cooked or prepared foor at all, maybe just whole foods, vegetables, fruit and the like?

    I think it's just, I've finally realised what stupid habits are...or, finally accepted it anyway...
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  4. If you switch to healthier foods when the munchies hit you should see a difference man, I personally don't like healthy food but I try to make healthier foods if that makes any sense :laughing:

    If I'm cooking I'll try to throw some veggies in the mix depending on what's in my fridge :confused_2::laughing:
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  5. Yeah I agree with BrewsnWeed. Switch to eating more healthy snacks like veggie trays but switch out the ranch dip with some hummus or something less fatty or eat better versions of things like chips. Or maybe even get a good workout in before you begin smoking.
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  6. First off don’t eat before you get high then have a meal plan for after you get high. This way when the munchies hit it’s time to eat. While this helps you can still easily overdo it eating a “clean” meal and take in more calories than you’d like. Planing the meal out though allows you to focus on filling foods you like that are healthier and make it a lot harder for you to overdo it. An example would be a meal of grilled chicken breasts, beans, and steamed veggies. Have a breast or two and then eat all the beans an veggies you want. No bread (no cheese whiz on the veggies either) an no ranch or sugary sauces. This meal is healthy, low calorie, and most importantly filling.

    The part about diet so many get wrong is that it is as much about habit an behavior patterns as it is about actual hunger and the need to eat. People who suffer the most from munchies (or have a hard time losing weight) don’t realize that they are following the same pattern every time they get high/eat.
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  7. Try checking out Leafly on a strain and usually it will indicate on their if it stimulates appetite.

    As a previous munchy master, I now stay away from any strains that amplify appetite as I don’t need any help with that :D
    Much easier to not raid the fridge now when I’m baked like a cake...

    Take care B.
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  8. 16 hour fasting is the only way to make your body switch to burning calories stored in fat cells instead of storing more fat cells because you feel hungry.

    If you can take your mind off eating 3 meals a day, you can accomplish anything around a dopamine reward. Only eat one meal a day between 2pm and 7pm. Do not eat before or after that slotted time. Every day the 8pm to 2pm gap is where you will feel the munchies, but simply not eating will prove wonders.

    I suggest smoking weed that keeps your mind racing so your brain is occupied and your stomach learns its place.

    My .02 on obesity.
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  9. I tend to eat everything in sight when I get the munchies. If it’s in the house, I’m gonna end up eating it. Because of that lately I’ve just stopped buying junk food. If I don’t have it in the house, I can’t eat it. Ideally a little self control would be the solution but unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon lol. So for now I’ve only been buying what I plan on eating for dinner so when that’s gone there’s nothing left to snack on. I’ve lost about 20 lbs in the last month or so from doing this. Portion size is also something Ive always struggled with and have been making an effort to change as well.
  10. I managed gym and minimal eating last night.
    I had a total of 12 chinese style (the small ones) dumplings. Pumpkin and chicken. Home made.
    Fresh ingredients only.
    Had half before gym, waited an hour, gym for 40 minutes (getting back into it is...not fun), and the other half maybe an hour later.
    It's interesting...maybe it's just the current mindset and almost wanting to get revenge on my fat self...because I'm finding the not eating while stoned thing not too difficult right now.
    I have almost this anti-hunger after the gym as well.
    It's like, the munchies are always there, but not acting on them is only difficult for around 20 minutes.

    Thanks for the various advice guys, I am kind of aiming to do a bit of cherrypicking with what you've said.

    Any thoughts on whether or not munchies and/or being stoned actually effects the metabolism, rather than a strictly neurological effect?
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  11. Just eat real food, and stay away from sugar laced products and drinks. Even something that seems healthy, like yogurt, can be packed with added sugar. I dropped 60lbs in about a year cutting sugar and carbs and switching my snacking habits to veggies and protein, with healthy fats. If you're hungry find stuff to satiate your appetite like stuff containing fiber or just fill up on water. As for it effecting metabolism it could. Do anything for long enough your body will adapt, so when you go back to old ways your metabolism is still riding on your old ways. Just like when wrestlers exit high school, where they go through vigorous weight control... then stop and pack on beer bellies.

    Everyone's different though, as are the strains of weed. Some weed makes me anxious to the point I don't want to eat, and other weed makes me wanna munch out within 30 minutes. You can also get to a point where you rely on weed to eat or attain an appetite, so when you don't smoke you have nausea and cant eat as well..
  12. That 16:8 fasting is great... Been doing it for a long time
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  13. This is the behavior pattern/habit aspect of eating I was talking about. No one who is overweight is in danger of dying from starvation. But still our body tells us when it’s time to eat based upon our eating habits and patterns. If you eat a meal or a snack at a particular time of day, when that time rolls around you are going to be hungry or expecting that snack. It’s like snacking when you watch TV or when you get the munchies. The behavior triggers impulse to eat.

    The good news about this is if you are disciplined enough to change the behaviors (watch TV or have the munchies and not snack) the longer you maintain the new behaviors and patterns the easier it becomes. Eventually you will create new patterns in your life that help you with your goals rather than impede them. This is how skinny people stay skinny. They have an active plan when it comes to food and their diet.

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