Munchies? It was a good night.

Discussion in 'General' started by sparticus63, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. What munchies should I make? I have pizza, or these green chile beef and bean burritos that I'm afraid to try. Other options are peanut butter/jelly with milk, lunchmeat sandwich, tuna, or cereal (frosted mini wheats and honey nut cheerios. Ate the last of the fruity pebbles this morning :()

    I'm currently drinking ice tea and relaxing after coming home from seeing Friday the 13th, some car roof riding shenanigans in a parking lot, and ripping a bowl upon arrival at the house). A good night :smoke:
  2. Frosted mini wheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Since you're the only to reply, Frosted mini wheats it is. I'll be back soon with a munch report.
  4. I would have crafted myself an amazing sandwich personally.
  5. Enjoyed the mini wheats thoroughly. I was half expecting Jason to hop out of my closet and stab me when I went downstairs to get them after seeing the new Friday the 13th.

    We were standing outside the theater afterwards when a small black woman walked out with her children and shouted, "Twenty mothafuckin Friday tha 13th movies and they all end the
    same damn way!" Me and my friends cracked up.

    We got in a car and rode around to the other side of the parking lot. One kid opened up the sunroof, the kid riding shot gun climbed halfway out so he was sitting on the roof, me and the other friend in the back grabbed his legs, and we sped down the straightaway. We did this once, and got some CRAZY looks from the people standing around, so we decided to go to a different parking lot. (This took place around midnight on a Sunday evening, so the parking lot was almost empty). We drove to another parking lot down the road, did it a few more times, and called it a night. I came home and sparked up a bowl around 1:40.

    Right now I'm about to click on the TV, sip some more iced tea, and drift away to sleep. Goodnight blades! Hopefully I'm going to an aquarium tomorrow.

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