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Munchies in Cars

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Whatisup618, May 4, 2011.

  1. So I want to keep to expense of munchies down by buying some food in bulk, and keeping it in my car for when I toke with friends and stuff. But what food would be best to keep in a car, food that wont go stale or spoil.

    Summer is fast on its way where I live so chances are, my car will get hot.
  2. the varity bags of chips the small ones. some candy that doesnt melt.
  3. hahahahah totally off topic but that sig is too dope!^^^
  4. M&Ms.

    And Ice cream.

    And crackers, chips, and canned food.
  5. sour patch kids
  6. Fruit roll-ups, and everyone knows twinkies don't go bad
  7. Rolls of smarties!
  8. green beans
  9. Don't let people eat in your car if you don't want to clean it all the time.
  10. gummy scooby snacks
  11. green beans

  12. So much nostalgia. Those are so good.

  13. The ones with the green packaging? Cause those are really REALLY good.
  14. Sour patch kids. Gatorade. Cheezits. You can buy cases of these for hella cheap at Sams Club/Costcos.
  15. Get as many packs of mambas as you can.
  16. Tasty-Cakes or Little Debbie. :D

    It's like $2.50 for a box of 8-12 (depending on what you get) and they don't spoil. :wave:

  17. honestly no other gummy snack even comes fucking CLOSE to scooby snacks. for those who havent had them before, imagine scooby snacks are something like g13. all other gummy snacks are ditch weed.

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