Munchies did me in

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  1. Last semester while smoking through a vape with a bunch of my friends I got a bad case of the munchies. We went to the caf and I ate about 9 pieces of pizza (BBQ chicken, so delicious). We got back and were watching Pineapple Express, and something hit my stomach. I ran back my room in an attempt to get to the toilet, but I failed. I puked in the nearest thing to me, my shower. My roomate said it sounded similar to turning on the shower because there was so much. Until he walked in and saw the damage already done.

    It was a bad experience, but I figure we all have them.

    Anyone else have any crazy experience like this? cause that shit was nuts.
  2. i never puked before due to munchies, I eat before I blaze, and always keep some fresh turkey and cheese sandwiches in the fridge just in case. lol you must have been starving
  3. They hit me like a mac truck. I ate everything in site. It was redic.
  4. lmao 9 pieces of pizza and wings will def. do the trick
  5. The other night I had to wake up and puke because I ate to damn much while stoned earlier. I had the worst fucking heartburn.
  6. Ouch man. I didn't have heartburn, but it just sucked at the time.

    My throat was giving me a big "Fuck you"
  7. ive always wondered if this could happen, because im like the munchi champ, we will hit taco bell, and i woudl be down to eat somewhere else directly after, i always wondered if i could ever get full, but i know the next morning when i wake up to take a shit the size of a bowling ball
  8. I don't know about you people but 9 slices to me isn't that much, I've put down a 28 inch pizza myself and a box of cinnamon stix. I was still hungry. It did have massive consequences the next day but I mean like I weigh 125 pounds and I'm like 5'7 maybe, I'm considered underweight but I'll never throw up from munchies. Lately though I haven't been getting them, it's weird.

    Either way pizza is like a gift from god when you're stoned :smoke:
  9. Can't agree with the pizza statement more :D

    I too usually eat a lot, and it was surprising to me that I did throw up. The problem was I ate dinner a few hours before, smoked, ate more, came back, ate more. It was never ending, and my stomach could not handle all that food.

    As my roommate put it, "The shower looked like a chicken tornado went through it."
  10. i threw up chicken b4, might be the chicken bro, i can eat forever when i am stoned, i ate some chicken breast once and was like yum 20 mins later i am hugging the toilet barfing, and its a burning thoart rip apart baft, it sucks,
  11. yeah maybe that's it. I will just have to stop eating chicken when I get the munchies. I have been being smart about it and eating a small meal before I smoke, so I don't get them as bad.

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