munchies are from ... ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Gri77oN, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. bear with my typo i can\'t use these old keyboards...

    am in amsterdam (god the city has grew old, and clumsy..).
    right now lighting up a superskunk joint that bears the incription, dedicated to ya all.



    where does the expresion \"having the muchies\" come from?

    (am completly stoned .. ah you guessed . . and woz wondering..)

  2. It comes from the ancient philosopher, Sir stonedoffhishungryass. I\'m sure you\'ve heard of him.
  3. no as a mater of facts, i haven\'t.

    please tell me more ...

  4. ah yes, i\'ve met this sir stonedoffhishungryass through lady laughsalot;) great people to smoke with
  5. I read somewhere that the signal from the brain to the stomach is interuppted so you dont know if you are hungry or not. We will just feel hungry even if we have just eaten. Wanted to munch on more food gives us the munchies.


  6. Well his major theory states that when one is under the influence of marijuana, their stomache will repeatedly ask(via neurotransmission), \"where\'s my food bitch\" until fully satisfied. This is a disruption in the normal negative feedback process known as hunger, which is knocked off it\'s balance, or equilibrium.
  7. its got alot to do with cannabis\' effect on circulation and the respiratory system too.
    my old flatmate explained it to me once.... but we were really stoned and probably had a few single malts too... so ... i cant quite remember it well enough to give you the full scientific run down.

    cannabis is chok full of luvlies... and each having an array of effects on you. even scientists studying cannabis would have a reasonably hard time quantifying the effect of the mnchies completely.
  8. copy and paste obliviot?
  9. i\'m just the opposite.

  10. Cool, I plan on getting my drool factor on tonight.

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