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Munchies and Losing weight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ModernH:pie, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Hey guys.
    So I have already lost a lot of weight, but I find it very difficult to resist the munchies. I am looking for tips/ideas to prevent overeating while high.
    Thanks! :smoking:  :smoking:

  2. Eat before or just fucking control yourself
  3. I do control myself. Its just that its really fucking hard to, so I am looking for tips on how to make it easier.
  4. what strains do you use if you know
  5. You can just set it up so you don't have cookies or anything but just eat something good like a salad or some healthy food you wouldn't normally eat.
  6. Depends. My dealer gets new shit every week.
  7. ask that nigga next time, because sativa/indica and hybrids have different effects when it comes to munchies
  8. Having the right food around can really help.  If you feel those munchies coming on, having some romain hearts around can really help.  They'relight, crispy and fresh tasting, and you can pretty much eat as much as you feel like.

    I would avoid eating mass fruit as they have a lot of natural sugars, but cooking up some broccoli or other veggies you like before you get high would probably be a good idea!
  9. I already have my own meal plan. I just wanted to know how to be less hungry. Whatever I tried drinking green tea after smoking today and it really helped.
  10. Change your routine from getting high and sitting around munching, into getting high and going for a walk. After exercising, your body starts to burn its reserve fat and goes into a mode to where you don't have the munchies. Plus, exercise enhances the high. Just being outside makes things seem more psychedelic than sitting around like a frump in some Godforsaken room somewhere.
    Which one should I ask for?

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