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Munchie Food??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tiger144, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I wanted to start a new thread asking about what is the best food you ever created or just ate when you had the munchies? I need some new ideas or you can try some I have come up with. One night we bought like 8 chocolate cookies for like $2 and put crunchy peanut butter on them and it was like a big reese cup of awesomeness. So, if you have any other ideas please share.
  2. Well icecream with chocolat sauce and maybe some crushed daim on it, could also use crunch :)

    Works very well for me hehe.

    Or maybe just some nashos with cheese, chicken and salsa sauce :)
  3. We had a dude eat two chili cheese hot dogs last night i wanted them so bad but i had cinnamon buns and chocolate milk haha it hit the spot
  4. Wendys 5 nugs for a 1 x 2, double stacks x2, large flashin fruit punch..

  5. Cheez-Its, best food on earth.
  6. Mango juice and cream soda mixed together is the shit.:smoking:
  7. Frozen garlic chicken pizza and Sunkist orange soda

    the best.
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    chinese food hits the spot for me
  9. I don't enjoy cooking things while high so it's always fast food or snakcs for me. Doritos and Arbys are my favorite
  10. Tacos

    Steak and potatoes

    Chicken tenders and mashed potatoes

    Motherfucking pork roast

    All home cooked by me.
  11. In order to satisfy my munchie needs...I need all the different food groups. You gotta mix up the texture and flavors of the food. Mountain Dew, Beef Jerky, Doritos, Ramen, Easy Mac and Pizza are regulars on my menu.
  12. I work at subway and whenever I'm high at work, I take the frozen cookie dough and microwave it til it's all gooey and it's like a cookie brownie. Mmm...

    Or I toast swiss cheese on roast beef
  13. I love cinnamon rolls, as well as regular Bugles. Some Toppers, P'Zones from Pizza Hut, as well as some garlic bread.

    Madmike, you just made me incredibly hungry with that last picture...
  14. Cheerios. Not only are you lowering ur cholesterol and eating healthy, ur eating possibly the best munchie food known to man.

    *works when really high.
  15. anything with tons of salt and or chocolate..

    but since im trying to lose weight, any kind of fruit is assexual
  16. You haven't lived until you've chowed down on balut while stoned.
  17. Pizza. Although calling up and ordering can be a hard task when really baked, it's worth it. Meat lovers is a personal favorite. Although, if you've got a crowd of gooned people with you, it can be a little pricey ordering pizza for all of them, not to mention finding out what everyone wants. But I usually just keep some bags of junk food in the cupboards at home so I know I'll never be stuck with the munchies.
  18. i couldnt handle it, i would throw up by just looking/smelling it.
  19. I was joking really. I tried it once; tasted nasty to me.

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