Munchie and drink of preference

Discussion in 'General' started by DipNDunkLAX, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. What is your drink and snack of choice when rolling into a gas station?

    My personal favorite is frito honey BBQ twists and a vanilla coke.
  2. mucho mango arizona tea n flamin hot munchies. best $2 ever spent:smoke:
  3. Toffe peanuts and a piña colada sobe
  4. Arnold Palmer iced tea and one of those 3-flavor tubs of popcorn.
  5. Big ol' bag of beef jerky and a one litre of Dr. Pepper. :metal:
  6. Cookies (any kind haha), rice and beans, quesadilla mmm, dr.pepper or a slurpee..I don't know why I crave a lot of spicy food, or food like quesadillas,tacos, and burritos but I do.
  7. Crazy core skittles and vanilla coke.
  8. Pizza taquitos from 7 11 and mountain dew!
  9. airheads sweet/sour belts
    huge bottle of water

  10. Hotcheetos n peace tea
  11. For munch:
    Belgain waffles,Cereal, Doritos.

    nice cold lemonade
  12. nacho combos and a diet mountain dew or a cherry coke. all day every day. :)

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