Mumbo Jumbo's PC micro grow Journal.

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  1. This is my first PC grow and journal, I plan on updating this every week with pictures and any concerns I have.

    My grow
    PC case- 1.2ft x1.2ft
    Lights- 4 x 20w CFL's 2700k
    Nutes- Homemade until I buy some. Started using Tea (boiled tea bags left in water) on day 11, apparently contains nitrogen and some basic minerals.
    Fans- 2 x 90mm stacked PC fans acting as exhaust, with speed control.
    CO2 gen- Just your basic yeast and sugar combo.
    Soil- Unknown brand, 1/4 perlite. I don't know what the soil brand is but I've used the same before and it was good.
    Seed- Kannabia, Citrus
    Edit: Light schedule- Currently 24/0.

    Here's some pics.

    The grow box, the lights are adjustable and eventually I'm going to put the plant in a shallow wide container. I will be LST'ing. When the case side is on there is a duct which brings air into the case just next to the CO2 bottle so I think aeration is quite effective.
    PCbox V4 Day 12.jpg
    Day 6 from germination.
    Day 6 Sprout.jpg
    Day 8
    Day 8 Sprout.jpg
    Day 12
    Day12 Sprout.jpg
    So far seems to be going okay. Update in a weeks time and we'll see how the tea goes. Soil PH at the moment is 6.5, water 7.0 and tea 6.7.
  2. Weekly Update is here.

    I've changed the light cycle from 24/0 to 16/8 due to temperature and cost. I'm watering using water with used tea bags in and it seems to be going fine overall. I FIM'ed it today as I want less main stem growth and more node growth, it is at it's 6th node. I also started LST'ing it today hence its awkward lazy looking posture. Since the previous week growth seems to have really picked up the pace. The only bad thing that's happened is that I slightly broke one of the new fan leaf growths off, it is only attached by a tiny scrap of branch, I positioned it into its attached position and hope it heals.

    I was wondering why it is so compact, it's mainly a Sativa strain so I was expecting more lanky growth. I'm planning on giving it just over a week more time to veg before switching to the flowering photoperiod, Or do you suggest to start flowering as soon as possible because of the small space?
    Day19 Veg.jpg

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