mumbleing, smoke a j;)

Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. well i've got some time to have joint break. i painted my daughters room today. finally done. lol. now i'm having a coffee with whipped cream on top mmmmm, just aboot had the whole tub of whipped cream today lol. and now i'm ready for a pinner. kids are at friends houses, i'm all alone and bored lookin at my almost empty tub of whipped cream, lookin at my j. it's just crying for me to spark er up! lite me lite me! i'm just mumbling aboot.............okay who wants to smoke!!!!
  2. haha yes! i've got 2, and this week will be a toughy for me, no school this week. trick is to keep these rascals busy all week long.:)!
  3. holy crap i'm bored...

    i'm makin a spinach salad, with mandarine oranges, red onions and garlic cut up thin and almonds cut up thin. hmmm mmmmm mmmm.i have this garlic aged white wine vinegar that will go smashing with it i think. o god. i think i'm ready for another joint....................
  4. just finished smokein out of an apple and a bit high. still burnnin the j?

  5. if you can get your children to eat spinach like that yuo are a goddess,....i have to throw it in cold salad and tell them its just reallly green lettuce
  6. I'm on my second J of the day.. I must admit, I love it when the high comes around...

    Would any one like to borrow two other kids? 1 is 17 the other 12??
  7. i'll trade ya bud head, mine are 9 and 5. eh? how boot it eh?

    oo my salad is cold. actually it's funny cuz my little guy says mom what is this? i tell him it's spinach. and he says, nice try mom, it's a leaf. lmao. ahhhhh, lol i'm the only one who'll enjoy the joke. lol.

  8. lol an apple? i wont be smoking for a bit now, but i will be later!!!

  9. Ok but I have to warn you... the older they get.. The worst they can get into!!!LOL

  10. You got a kid? I thought you were mad young.
  11. now does that make me ancient or what lol!

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