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Mumbai Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by boomshiva420, Jun 19, 2013.

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  2. Nice man. What's it taste like?
  3. #3 boomshiva420, Jun 20, 2013
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    Ummmmmm ....there wasnt a taste in the mouth like the cream :p but it was sweet and left a very good smell in the nose !
  4. that bud looks like straight schwag but the hash looks good
  5. How was the hash then? Did it smoke nice? :smoking:
  6. It was out of the fucking worlldddd !! One Chillum hit was enough to get anyone stoned !
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    Tasted like almond ! It was so dank that when you took a hit you could feel the high set in like an electric shock !
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a tasty electrical buzzz
    :smoking:  so you said you were gna make some hash brownies and give em to all gc members right ? lol
  9. A lot of Indian/African/Asian landrace strains look that way, due to more primitive drying and curing, but they often smoke wonderfully.
    Don't always judge a book by its' cover.  ;)
    That's some nice look Charas OP! Some of the better looking Indian buds I've seen as well!
  10. Wow, that is pretty clean looking bud, compared to all the crap u get around. Kaha se kharida re, pune se namskar :)
  11. Im so glad to know that it is good weed ! @drugboy i scored it from Malad west ..the dealer was a rickshaw driver and he keeps this stuff for personal use :p
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    I have a question to ask everyone!
    Do you think that It is worth buying or ishould rather take the seeds and start growing my own?
    Will the seeds from this bag grow good ???
    Im tired of smoking hash and I need a altenative which will be as good as the hash !
  13. If i was you id definitely grow the seeds you wil get better bud than what is shown in the pics here for sure.
  14. Thanks alot for the input :D
    It will be my first grow ! i also wanted to know that when should i sow the seed ? The monsoon reason is going on now ...will be okay now ? I have everything from nutes to soil mix.
  15. Check out the growing section of this forum it should help a lot!
  16. Will do :D
  17. is 250 rupees alot in mumbai? and is it as dank as indoor medical shit(assuming you tried it before)?
  18. 250 bucks is pretty cheap ! Nowhere compared to indoor medical stuff
    The hash costed me 50$ for 10 grams ....that stuff is as dank as medical marijauna
    :50$ is like 2500 which is quite a lot !
  19. ayeeeeeee!
    well the ganja is still a lot better than what you get with some dealers..... the hash looks good. i can relate to the electricbuzz, i recently smoked up some kasa( kashmiri hash for the ones that do not know) out of a chillum, AND OH MY FUCKING GOODNASS!!!!!!!! my friends are real assholes, they always want me to start the chillum so as usual i did.
    trust me i dont say this often but after one hit and i do mean just one pull, i couldnt think straight. second hit i could not walk straight. as i walked back toward my office gate where all my other collegues were standing, i only repeated the words "ohhh fuck ohhhh fuck ooohhh fuck" to myself. i had to ask a couple of people if i look ok, or if i look stoned. they all said no.
    only i knew how high i was. oh and yeah the high is extremely energetic and didnt let me sleep for a while, i mean even after 9 hours of working i still came home and felt as if i had coffee injected directly in my veins.
    ohh good stuff. might score some today. 
  20. I knoww these guys have started selling killer kasa ! I myself scored kasa yesterday and made a ganga jamuna joint !
    4 people were out in 2 joints !

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