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mum knows i do pot, help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PipeUp, May 28, 2009.

  1. hey, so yeah..

    im sooooo pissed at her for readin my log when i went to see my mate lee for a bit (she thought i went to see a dealer too) ..

    but yeah.. i came back from seeing my pal (Somnia)
    and she was like "you said u only done it once, liar"
    so long story short.. she knows. end of :/

    i argued with her..
    about the FACTS.. no one has died from it. its not physically addicting. you can't OD.
    more people die from alcohol than cannabis (cos no one dies from it)

    so she was like "Ok, ur being smart, thats cheek"
    and im like "no.. its facts"

    i need help to make her not think im some drug abusing person
    i just smoke weed jesus

    i dont wanna convert her.. i just wanna make her realise the truth about it :(
    she's telin my grandad tomorrow (dont have a dad so hes my father figure)
    hes uber anti-drug.. i honestly wont be surprized if he beats the shit outta me :/
  2. you should have denied as soon as she started to suspect you. Say that the smell are incense or something. If she knows how pot smells like, it means she smoked it too so shes being a freaking hypocrite. or you can drug her too... and your grandpa...

  3. You're 18 and your grandpa can beat the shit out of you? :confused:
    Sorry man had to say it, but seriously good luck man :(.
  4. Shoulda coulda woulda. No offense, but you've dug yourself into a nasty hole here, I think you're gonna have to tough it out and crawl back out.
  5. Convince her (or them w/e) that you are responsible.
    It's just an argument, proof, and a hell'lotta luck, though lots of people I know succeeded.
    Heck if id have to prove i am responsible using a drug, it would be alcohol, not weed.

  6. my grandads hard as fuck mate, used to box.
    seen him knock out 2 25 year old in one punch..
    hardy man for sure.
  7. So how did he manage to hit 2 people with one punch? Bull shit.

  8. Deni? dude.. she read my log that clearly stated im going to get high, i was going to a dealer, etc..
    no way out.
  9. What I would do right now if I were you is write down or gather up information for your defense for when they give you the talk
  10. fuck i realise that makes no sense whatsoever..
    two punchies in reality..

    was in a bar fight :D
    dont ask why i was there :]
    dont call bullshit on a misstype.

  11. yeah! thats what ill do!
  12. Get a house of your own?
  13. If your gramps is really against it, tell your mom not to say anything yet, Sounds like you deffinitly wont be able to change the perspective of weed on an old person, But maybe your mom. Have her watch "the union" its all facts about weed, pro mj, You should watch it first, then sit down and watch it again w/ her. Deff worth a shot, and tell hr before she tells your grandpa, I watched it through a bunch of youtube videos, but try first
  14. Just be very rational when you talk to her about it, in tight situations it's pretty easy to flip out in an argument.
  15. what about letting your grandpa know the truth?

    or is that a no go?
  16. There are 2 ways you can approach this. Well actually, there are a ton of ways but here are 2 good ones.

    1. Try to tell them the facts about weed and have them watch the union if they are up for it. Basically what everyone else is telling you to do. There is a good chance your mom used to smoke. I saw somewhere that 58% of people 45-55 smoked at one point. If she is one of these people, she might be sympathetic if you assure her that you are responsible (keep grades up, don't do too much, don't smoke in the house, and don't drive high etc.) Most people who smoke don't become the stereotypical stoner with no job that lives in their parents basement. You have to assure her that you will not turn into someone like this.

    2. When they confront you, say how you tried it a couple times because if pier pressure and you don't really like it. Say you were going to stop anyway because you know smoking is a mistake. If you act like you learned your lesson, they might go easier on you. If you agree with them on everything you can, how big can the argument be?

  17. i dont think your an adult, enjoy being 13;)

    but seriously if he hits you its assault call the cops... shits not right man.:confused:
  18. #19 PipeUp, May 28, 2009
    Last edited: May 28, 2009

    i am pal..
    and my grandads just a hard man, he was brought up hard.
    he was a really good boxer back in his day.
    knows how to knock out.

    I wouldnt call the cops on him, hes like my closest family member to me.
    but he uses authority

    edit: he probably wont, infact, i know he wont.. but if he took a radge fit and threw one my way, i wouldnt be at all surprized
  19. make some cannabutter and get her high without her knowing. Then she will realize how awesome it is.

    Or it could totally backfire... this is more likely, but with big risk comes big reward.

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