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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Lucid_Reality, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Does anyone else have a SERIOUS multitasking problem while baked off their ass? ESPECIALLY on the computer...God, it's like, I'm about to do something to the computer (change something or whatever...) and i forget to do it! I get distracted and go on the internet or somethin...Then like 10 min's later i realize that i forgot to do what i was going to do, and when i'm about to do it, i get distracted again!!! it's annoying!!! but funny as hell...

  2. Yes! That happens to me all the time! Or I'll forget what I'm about to say, even tho it's only been about 5 seconds since I thought of it! I hate it!
  3. Exactly what i'm talking about :)
    it sucks but it's really funny at times...especially around other people and then they KNOW i'm stoned and they all start laughing :)
  4. I do tht all the time. even when i'm not stoned.:)
  5. lol I do that a lot. I dont wonder why I dont ever get anything done anymore :)
  6. Yeah, haha, I do that a lot, it's funny. Try playing a videogame like Counter-Strike while stoned, fun times!
  7. I'm the complete opposite. I'm great at doing things baked. i do the laundry, watch tv, work out, and get hw done all at the same time. its fucked up i know, but weed gives me energy
  8. I can multitask fine while stoned, but when it comes to multi-multitasking then i get lost.

    Like if i'm making dinner, working on my bike, talking to people on IM and deisgning stuff on cad at the same time i'll switch back to grasscity window and the reply window will be open and i have no idea what i wanted to reply to, much less what i was gonna say,,,
  9. I think the worst example of that for me is, I'll be thinking
    about something really hard. Really working things out,
    and then I get distracted for a second, and can't for the life
    of me remember what I was thinking about. i mean it's
    just *poof*, gone.

  10. HAHA!!! i hate when that happens, but thast usually happens to me due to lack of weed.

  11. me too!! makes for a hectic day sometimes
  12. im like that when im not high, when im high i dont even try to do jack shit. if i try i just end up suddennly looking up and wondering where the hell i am and where can a guy get some doritos around here?
  13. I can multitask high, but I get disctracted so easy... I was on the comp or whatever and I was about to go make my bed, but I saw this cat out the window and I started to chase it, than I saw my skateboard sittign there too, so I skateboarded a minuite, and saw the cat again... Than I came inside and shwoered... Probably for an hour

  14. ah HAH...it seems I am not the only one who likes doritos :D
  15. I just ate some Doritos...weird! Doritos and milk, actually. Not like cereal, though...don't think that.

    Anyway, I can multi-task fairly well. Better high than not. I get distracted easily when I'm not stoned so in my opinion, it's just better all the around to stay stoned.

  16. Hahaha LOL:D

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