Multiple Sick Plants

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  1. Hello, I am here to humbly request some help diagnosing what looks like multiple problems with my plants.

    4 Bagseeds growing in a local organic potting mix with a small amount of blood and bone initially.
    Growing indoors in a cupboard under 6 26w CFLs: 4 6700k and 2 2700k. The plant tops are around 3" from the lights. Water is tap water left to degas for 2-3 days. Heat in the cupboard hovers around 90 f.
    Any ideas for simple remedies would be great;

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  2. they dont look bad, soil may be a lil hot...
    have you checked the runoff ph?
    at those temps make sure she is getting plenty of fresh water and no nutes...
  3. yeah, 90 is a little warm. i start getting anxious if i go over 80.

    is there any way you can cool things down any?

    dont get me wrong, tho, your plants look really good so far!

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