Multiple Pounds Per Plant?

Discussion in 'General' started by sysdownfall, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. I was just thinking..

    You know how they have genetically altered vegetables that make like.. 50 pound pumpkins and 6 foot cucumbers etc.

    Well would it be possible to genetically alter Pot so that it could produce huge, like.. 3 ounce buds. And have multiple pounds grow on one plant?

    Im sure it would be possible if it were legal and scientists had the time to study and experiment with the plant.. but it will sadly probably never happen :(
  2. I have no doubt it can be done. Big Bud was bred to have a higher yield. I read an article somewhere that some group who wanted to get marijuana legalized supported having it altered to have low THC so they could use it to produce fabric and paper...they were trying to "save the trees"....
  3. Its called Hemp. :)

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  4. i dunno where it was but theres this pic on the net of this weed plant thats like taller than a normal house it looked like a pine tree
  5. The thing about big bud is that it grows big and fluffy, and usually doesn't weigh that much. I've had Big bud and I bought a fat 8th that looked like about a quarter. Stuck it on the scale and it was only 3.7gs
  6. So it literally has BIG buds, not heavy buds. :
  7. I remember YogiBear posted that he has grown yields as large as 2-3 lbs off of one single plant, but it takes years of experience/practice... or somethin' like that.
  8. people have been known to get 5 pounds per plant. My dad used to have crops of 13 foot trees back in the day.
  9. If that was true he could be selling clones to all his friends and the city and be a millionaire. Try:

    Multiple Plants Per Pound.
  10. Um... no. Try:

    And if you don't know who he is, then go search his gallery.
  11. nice albino i forgot about that dude he was one badass mofo
  12. Wow, I never really thought of it I guess. But I did see some pics of what looked like Huge Fucking Buds, let me try to find them. Got them, those are some huge fucking buds, maby half Lb on each?

  13. I also saw this picture of this plant that looks like it has lbs on it... or maybe just the way the picture is... Looks massive.

  14. Those are the main kola's, not just one bud. Thats why they're so big.

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