Multiple male orgasms

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  1. Are any males here capable of experiencing multiple orgasms?

    If so, when did you discover this and did Cabbibis contribute?

    *Multiple orgasms could entail them immediately following each other or within a few minutes, but always during the "same" erection (in other words, without the refractory period where you lose or soften the erection and then build arousal again).

    I had always been a "one and done" fella, but after I experienced Cabbibis several years ago, it became clear that I was not limited to one. I'm a relative newcomer to Cabbibis so it was a surprise! I also like to pair my partaking of the herbs with sexual pleasure.

    Last weekend my lady offered an extended hand job/edging session. I had made a batch of edibles the week before, and I had eaten one about 90 minutes earlier, in anticipation of this weekend "ritual". She delightfully teased me and edged me for over an hour, before I decided to let it go. The first orgasm took my breath away, but it didn't stop. The wave of energy decreased slightly and simply continued in seemingly ceaseless waves. 5-10 seconds later, the waves began traveling into my back and lungs and it ultimately turned into a form of convulsion that caused me to thrash around like a fish for almost 30 seconds. It could have gone on longer, but my lady was getting worried and broke the trance like state by asking if I was ok lol....

    I'm 44, and feel that Cannabis has helped me "unlock" my pleasure center. Even when there is no Cannibis involved, I still have multiples almost 1/3 of the time. Since we typically have some form of sexual connection every other day, I can see these patterns easily.

    How bout y'all?


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