Multiple likes after only 1 like issued?

Discussion in 'Forum Tech Questions, Problems and Troubleshooting' started by Buzzer777, May 9, 2018.

  1. Morning @Lizard King
    Whenever someone likes one of my posts, I get multiple instances of the alert.
    I am on a PC with Win10 and Firefox..All is up to date.
    This is especially annoying as each like alert interrupts the data stream, and forces the page scroll to the top when I "X" out the alert.
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  2. I have my like notify Off
  3. Can you please take a screenshot of how the alerts are displayed so i can dig further and investigate it
  4. I went into Alert Preference and check the box not to receive them
    I don't think it's a problem if they are all likes from someone else one post at a time
    But multiples from the same like would be another story, I never have had that problem myself
  5. Thanks for the FAST reply!:)
    here's part of it..I had to click on the alert icon since when I move my mouse pointer away from the icon, the list disappears (normal).
    But you get the idea.
  6. They appear to be from the same varies but sometimes 4 or more from the same post..
    like here.
    The likes from slinkycat are the newest ones..

    My summer journal
  7. Just tried to see when this started..Interesting, but it seems the likes from SkinkyKat are the offenders that post multiple times..the others seem normal.
    I have seen this occasionally before, from different users, but this time, it really got my seems like as I type, the alerts come thru and interrupt my own typing until I X them out..then the page scrolls up and...PIA..LOL

    I have cleared cache and use CC cleaner to no avail..Not thinking it is on my end, but who knows..MS is not the greatest, but they are the prevalent OS. (I also have Mac stuff)
  8. Buzz Slinky does that all the likes are within mins of each other nothing wrong with your end bro
  9. Look at her post history she did the same thing to me this morning and does it all the time
  10. I'll dig through to see why this is happening. This can be related to user liking - unliking and liking the post again.

    For your convenience for the time being you may try disabling your Like alerts
  11. Thank you..will do!:)
  12. Just saw another from a different user..GrowtoGrow
  13. Well, whatever you has stopped..I thank you Sir!!
  14. I feel ya buzz I finally had to turn my notifications off, phone blows up every time I post . Never had multiple likes from one user though, just hundreds of fans soaking up what the burner has to say.
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