Multi-Universes - Parallel universes do exist.

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    Imagine for a moment if you will an infinite number of universes existing, "multiverses" if you will, where every possible outcome to any scenario ever posed occurs. Science may actually be on the breakthrough of answering mankind's oldest lingering question, "where do we come from?"

    Simply, physics is the study of quantum (very small) material (protons, electrons, quarks, etc) which is what all matter is comprised of, even you . We live in what we think to be a 3-Dimensional world. We can see all around us, move back and forth, side to side and up and down. This is how mankind views the world, it's always been our perception that what we see is what is there. Yet, ground breaking new theories in quantum physics suggests that we live in a world of 11 dimensions.

    Imagine if you had a microscope on your desk, and you magnified it as small as you could see, down to the sub-atomic level and then went further, down to the fundamental building blocks of our universe. You would see protons and electrons as little dots, yet they do not simply stay in one spot. No, they move, and not only do these protons and electrons move, they pop in and out of existence. Never following a set pattern, never in one place at one time.

    Scientists could only ponder why, when they viewed these elements with their microscopes that these elements disappear. This observation led to a ground breaking theory that might seemingly tie together Albert Einstin's goal of creating a theory of EVERYTHING. The only explanation to why these particles pop in and out of existence is because they are traveling into other dimensions which we cannot see. Picture a fish swimming underwater, completely unaware of the world above. Living only in its perceived dimension, yet co-existing on the same plane of reality as us. Taking this idea to another level, we can assume that there are dimensions, other planes of existence right next to us.

    Without going too sci-fi on you guys I will try and break down all of this craziness into something easier to understand. As it goes at the moment physicists believe that our universe is literally in a bubble, and next to our bubble are other bubbles. These other bubbles are actually universes, possibly similar or exactly the same as ours. The 11th dimension is, what you would perceive as the water that these bubbles are floating in. Theoretically if these bubbles were to collide, the amount of energy would either be enough to spark a BIG BANG and create a new universe, or they theorize that these bubble universes branch off from one another, to create a new universe.

    We know that a black hole sucks in matter at super high speeds, distorting and transferring mass and gravity; but what would a white hole be? Well, if you consider that a black hole sucks in energy and mass, then a white hole might actually spew out energy and mass. Now what do we typically think of as suddenly creating energy and mass? The big bang. Yet we never actually knew what happened during the instant of the big bang, only up to .000008 seconds within that moment, but not the moment itself. Well the multiverse theory actually explains how a universe can branch off from another universe and transfer it's matter and energy into the new universe. So black holes suck in matter, light and energy, and white holes spew out matter, light and energy. These black holes may actually be connections between universes.

    Now because we live in more than 3 dimensions, it can theoretically be posed that there is a t-rex from another universe in your living room right now, yet because it's on a different dimension (which light passes under) you cannot see it, nor can you interact with it. Yet, it may very possibly exist right in front of you. It even gets crazier. Because your mind is physical matter, and the thoughts which you have are neurological forms of engery, your thoughts and actions also exist on another plane of existence. We are all made of protons, electrons and matter - and those appear and disappear inside of your body all of the time - existing in other dimensions, possibly on other realms of reality. So there could in theory be an infinite number of you. One where you never dated your ex, and one where you're a female with red hair.

    They are currently building a machine, which should now be fully functional called the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). They are going to collide 2 protons at light speed around a 17 mile circular tube until they collide. Once this collision occurs, the power of it will be so tremendous that it will break apart the protons so scientists can detect the most minute particles that we've never seen before. Currently they are looking for the particle that gives gravity it's pull (graviton).

    Interestingly enough, gravity is a weak force. We have an entire planet pulling on us, yet we can jump up and down. It is now assumed that the reason gravity is so weak is because it is shared with ALL dimensions which exist in the big POOL (the 11'th dimension). So if we can somehow harness and control the graviton when the 2 protons collide before it goes into another dimension, we may be able use it to somehow communicate with the dimensions we don't see. Just think about this for a moment, there are most definitely other dimensions that literally EXIST right along side our own, but because of the way these dimensions work, our brain has not evolved to comprehend them.

    Here are some really interesting videos on the subject...
  2. Very nice write-up. Thanks for the post.
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    I thought the reason they disappear is because microscopes emit particles at the object (often photons of light). That way, we see what is not there as an object. Thus when an electron is hit, it moves, disappears if you will. The whole idea behind quantum encryption and computing is that if someone tries to intercept a photon package, the particle would change from its original state because its energy level was changed and thereby the information is lost.

    That is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle

    And you can't use the logic of "Well because it isn't here it must be there" That's sorta what religion is based on and we all know how that goes. Not saying you're wrong, just that there's no proof yet. You can use logic all you want but for all we know invisible monsters eat the electrons and then shit them back out.

    Where did you get this idea that neutrons, protons, and such disappear? Are you getting confused with this?

    I am by no means an expert but I think the transfer from technical to lamens is often mis-portrayed in the media.
  4. Good post, but a couple of small things:

    Because your mind is physical matter, and the thoughts which you have are neurological forms of engery, your thoughts and actions also exist on another plane of existence.

    There's no evidence to support that idea.

    Just think about this for a moment, there are most definitely other dimensions that literally EXIST right along side our own, but because of the way these dimensions work, our brain has not evolved to comprehend them.

    It isn't that we can't see them because we can't comprehend them, and that we haven't evolved to do so, it's because they don't have any manifestations that we can see, touch or hear by our normal senses within our dimension. Other dimensions will show themselves through an energy leak or exchange, which can only be seen by sensitive receptors, and not human perception.


  5. I don't claim to be too well versed, these are just theories I've heard. None of this can be proven, just theorized. As for the microscopes projecting light, I never knew that. It's all fascinating to me though.

  6. Me too. Keep posting:)

  7. Ahhh, I love this kind of talk, especially after a fat j.

    Anyways, I don't believe the electrons ever "disappear," I was going to reference Heisenburgs theory, but someone already posted a link. I didn't go to the link, but it being a wiki article I feel compelled to summarize from my knowledge. The Heisenburg Uncertainty Theory basically states that you cannot know an electrons position without compromising accuracy of other physical properties. So, if you know an electrons position, you cannot know it's velocity, which makes sense when you consider the enormous magnification needed to see an electron and that electrons travel roughly the speed of light.(Note: ROUGHLY) The speed of light ~ 3.0 x 10^8 m/s. Even if electrons moved in straight lines, we would never "catch" the same electron. When you realize nothing, especially electrons, moves in a straight line, you can see why this theory holds up.

    I also want to mention quarks, they come in creative names such as: up, down, top, bottom, charm, and strange. I think if you are wanting to go the route of using gravitrons as a basis for a theory, you cannot leave out quarks. Anyone interested in this type of physics should look up quarks, strong and weak force, and the anti- versions of each type of quark.

    As far as the white hole-big bang connection, and further the black hole as "portals" to other dimensions, I think the only way a white hole could exist is if somehow a black hole sucked in enough mass to make it unstable. The only way I think this would be possible is if everything in the universe was pulled into one super-dense black hole, the resulting vacuum where the universe once was(assuming the universe is not infinite) would be the only force strong enough to create a big bang type situation. As far as black hole transporting matter to other dimensions, this could only be the case if the universe was contained inside of the black hole, or it would have to pull an equal amount of mass from the other end, otherwise these other dimension would eventually be completely barren of all matter that has any mass. Which this could be possible, they may be dimensions with no mass, this would explain why we have no ability to perceive these other dimensions, so there may be possibility for that to be the case.

    But I feel I have rambled on too much, if any of you want me to continue with my thoughts on this subject just let me know, because I can talk about this all day haha.:smoking:
  8. Its suprising to realize the superstitions we have today and that eventually there simply won't be any because we have thought of every part of existance.
  9. please give credit where it is due- everything you wrote in your post is from a discovery or history channel special on string theory and dimensions with michio kaku from nyu. you quoted things, the t rex in your living room, your thoughts in different dimensions, not dating your wife or the red head, what black and white holes are, every line is from that special. i wont argue if its right or wrong, i'm just sayin give credit where its due. but this stuff is really interesting, i been watching these specials for years:wave:
  10. Does the multiuniverse have any ties with an afterlife or lack of one?
  11. it should have ties. as everything is tied together in one big universe..

  12. Not just from that show either, actually. Also videos of physics courses from Yale and personal classes attended at my local college on the subject. There are some refernces from the Manyu Chow/Discovery channel expose, however I've also ready up on the subject a lot. But yeah, thanks for helping me point that out.
  13. First off; You watch a lot of Star Trek don't you...?

    How do we not know what happened during the instant of the big bang, yet scientifically KNOW what happened .00008 seconds after? Was Al Roker there 'keeping an eye on shit'? & forecasting for .00009 seconds? I don't think we (humanity) knows shit about anything. There is NO way to know how Earth was created & it just seems presumptuous to say we know what went on a millenia before we even existed. No offense to the poster, I just think science is a little out of it's league now-a-days.

    "I know enough to know I don't know much." -Common
  14. i believe there are multiple universes... but i dont believe the parallel theory. ever\ything happens the way it does... once.
  15. The particle which scientists are looking for is called the Higgs Boson. They're searching for the particle by attempting to detect the Higgs Field which is generated by the particle and detectable upon proton collision. If the particle exists, we have an explanation for gravity. If not? Well, we need a new theory.

    LHC collisions won't make black holes that would open a door to another universe. Sorry. ^_^ That's a common misconception about particle collision, for some weird reason.
  16. Yeah . . . you're right science IS out of it's league . . . so then why don't you get off your fucking computer right?
  17. Multiverse I have no conceptual problems with. Paralell universes though sounds a bit suspicious to me. First and foremost because for every action, there could be any number of other actions, and as such any number of other universes. The inflation in universes makes the term hyperinflation seem meaningless in its inaptitude to describe the problem. That, and it also indirectly suggests that whatever we do in the here and now have repercussions way beyond our own reality. That falls into the general religious fallacy of thinking we're special apart from being, you know, us.

    Way back when, Jerusalem was the center of the earth and universe, later the earth being the most important bit of real estate, and handily in the middle of it all. Then the solar system, and later our galaxy. Now some want our universe to be the center of all things, spawning new ones as we do this or that... I just don't buy it.

    But that our universe is one of many, sure, why not?!

    As for particles jumping in and out of existance and so on, well that is pretty much proven. To great detail. But all things considered, it is a very well behaved phenomena. It do look quite random, and seemingly out of nowhere, but using a larger data-set, it is all very predictable.

    Now, we can speculate where these particles come from, and where they go, if indeed that is what they do. Saying "from nowhere and to nowhere" explains as much as "from/to another universe" or "from/to another dimension", which is to say no explanation at all.

    Simple answer is we do not know. At least not yet. But speculating a bit, and being a string-theory fanboy, I'd guess quantum fluctuation is the normal state of particles as they oscillate through the available dimensions. Of which the four (x, y, z, t) we can measure outright is just a subset.

    But you won't see me claim it. Not until we got some hard data to back up string-theory. So let's start up that LHC proper and no more glitches please :p
  18. Does it matter?


  19. Your mistake is in saying the word KNOW.

    In modern science nothing is known, only theorized with a degree of certainty or uncertainty. This is what delineates science from religion. Science leaves room for error, religion doesn't.
  20. Do you know how I found out it existed?

    I made one of my secret recipe cookies and packed 7g's in it.

    I decided that an extra dimension, not necessarily 4D, is time (past, present, and future simultaneously). That blew my mind for a while, also finding out that BACK TO THE FUTURE is a play on words.

    Anyway, after seeing a video explaning string theory and the 11 dimensions, I figured that this shit is real.

    If you can think of something, there's another place where that's happening.

    Like right now...There's a female version of me in another universe. She's a serial killer prostitute.

    I'm not kidding.
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