multi symtom night time softgells

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  1. these are the off brand shit so yea they contain 375 mg of acetominaphen, 15 mg of of dextromethophan HBr and then 6.26 mg of Doxylamine Succinate

    so yea ive tried trippin b4 and nothing has worked so far i mean i ven poped a few ambien one night and i was jus up all night feelin a lil funny.. so my question is how many of those tablets should i take for a decent trip i mean one where i will see shit and not too much so im jus puking my guts out?

    B1g N
  2. Depends, are you trying to kill yourself?
  3. ^This.

    How hard is it to understand that if you want to get high on cough medicine, you get something with DEXTROMETHORPHAN ONLY.

  4. Take all of JUST KIDDING DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!

    Go get stuff with all dxm in it kid, dont steal your parents medicine.
  5. you need to fucking educate yourself, or go get educated...scratch that - go educate button, google, finish high school maybe

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