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  1. Sup people. Just thought I'd share my sea of green with you guys. I have 4 Dr greenthumbs em dog, 4 707 headband , 2 auto white widows and 9 unknown bag seed that seem to be a heavy indica.
    All in coco perlite mix using advanced nutrients coco sensi grow ab and b52 for veg.
    Unfortunately the weather here in england is very hot so I'm struggling to keep temps below 80 degrees. There isn't much I can do about it though. They are all being run under a t5 panel right now and it seems to be efficient. I will be using a 600w HPS and a 600w mars hydro LED for flower.

    The photos here are the unknown indica as you can see they have very broad leaves. They are 4 weeks 5 days from germination and were topped at 3 weeks as i am planning to keep these plants small as a bit of an experiment. I'm not sure if they were feminized also which isn't a problem as if I have males I will use them for breeding.

    I am thinking about switching the light cycle to 12/12 in 9 days maybe 16 days max

    How am I doing? This isn't my first grow but I'm not an expert either.

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