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  1. Hey guys! First time using this thread, saw it to be really helpful! So I thought I'd ask around about my current grow. This is a multi strain but the thing is the deficiencies look the same (lower leaves yellowing, edges kind of yellowish), some are lighter than the others etc.... This is my 4th grow it's a great hobby, using coco coir with perlite/lava rock, ph is optimum when I feed usually 5.8-6.0 never fed higher than 550ppm, dutch pro nutes 1st week flower
  2. How do I post pics!?!
  3. This is I ne example, lower leaves of LSD and light green

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  4. Cheese with similar, now is it normal for this to happen in early flower?

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  5. I'm still on veg nutes til the 7th to 10th day of flower bad idea?

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    The sat/hybrids aren't showing problems like the indicas, though I know they look healthy but is this anything I need to correct? I use tap water after 2 days bubbling but no cal mag do I need it since it's coco?

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  7. I have really enjoyed learning about these awesome plants and am thankful for any advice or recommendations!
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  8. Really guy? 8 posts in under an hour? Chill the fuck out, you're growing weed for god sake's, you should be chiller anyway. Post in sick plants section and answer all the questions in the sticky concerning how to ask a question. Then you can get some reasonable answers.
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  9. calmag it. and yeah, patience is a virtue especially when dealing with people whom 90% of them are stoned out of their gourd when perusing this site.
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  10. Without knowing much at all about your setup (listen to the advice above ^^), it looks like they're hungry.. Nitrogen in particular..
    Give us more info, and we'll give you more my friend ..
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  11. Wow ok, it's appreciated I was stoned as shot my mind can't handle the sativas LOL, I'm chilled now I'm currently feeding dutch pro and didn't know what they were asking for and couldn't identify what they wanted/needed lack of N was the first thing that came to mind.
  12. See I use tap water it's at abt 180 200 ppm so since I've heard coco is known to need cal mag? Is cal mag only for RO water or no?
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     I see that you're already flowering, so just don't go crazy with the N. Also, it seems a little early as those gals are still kinda small.. Personally I like to go a good 6-8 weeks in veg (or even more) as I have the space/time and have no problem with larger yields..Of course the time constraints are all strain/pheno dependent..  If you're into a perpetual grow than that wouldn't be as efficient for you. 
    Your tap is borderline but acceptable.. I personally like my RO better because I have a lot more control/knowledge of what my girls are eating. Calmag (ca,mg,fe a little N) is more for RO but not limited to it by any means. It really comes down to your nutrients and even your tap .. Usually with tap you'll get away with out it, but with RO and a nute that is low in ca/mg it could become an issue.
    Keep in mind that different lines have different amounts of ca/mg/fe  and you should check yours out : 
    Also keep in mind that different strains will have different preferences in terms of ca/mg uptake.. Some really suck it up, and others not so much. So you may have one strain showing an mg def while the others are completely happy, and you'll be banging your head trying to figure out why it's the only one with issues. 
    You could also contact your local water authority and get a break down of your tap's dissolved solids etc.. 
    Unfortunately I have NO experience with coco so hopefully someone who does will come along. 
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  14. Thanks dro! RO water is nice but my ro only Pumps like 5 gal in a day so it's kind of a pita, I v egged these for 4 weeks due to my space this is a personal hobby and I just like the idea of having more than 1 strain for myself. Like you said each are different and each will respond differently so... what's the average ppm you use I haven't gone over 600.....maybe I need to feed more??
  15. I try not to go over 800-900ppm (.5 conversion).. Yet I've been playing with more like 500-650 and I'm liking it.. Remember it's strain dependent though.

    I blend my ro with my tap(carbon filtered - 60:40) to take advantage of some ca and for the ph stability that it has to offer -
    I start off with around 70ppm and after mixing nutes I hit 5.2/800ppm every time- No ph adjusting. I let her rise from there..

    I'd say bump her to 650 and see how she responds .. Take it up from there, but top off around 700-800..
  16. calmag is used for when the plant is showing calcium or magnesium deficiencies, has nothing to do with water.
    just to provide another viewpoint, when I used RO I calmag'd to about 250-300 ppm(Hanna). Now I use tap and only add magnesium, and given my strain, I have to up things a little. For example, I add magnesium to about 300-350 ppm, and my plant is drinking a little over a gallon a day at 1900 ppm. so like dro said, it's totally strain specific. he goes to 800 tops, I'm getting close to exceeding the range of my tds meter. During veg I have to add ph down because I use rhizotonic which is a very very strong about 8.5 basic, and brings my ph up pretty quick. during flowering when im using other supplements like Cannaboost and pk13/14 my ph comes in at 5.6 and I likewise let it rise from there.
    The less ph adjuster you can use the better off you'll be.
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    Right on.. When I calmag'd I'd take it up to around 275ppm (we're pretty damn close! lol)and then with a tsp of maxi bloom I'd be around 900-950 - that was in perlite hempys.. I later found that maxi has plennnnty of cal and mag so I backed off to 1 ml/gal calmag.. Since then I brought it down to around 550 in the dwc .. Getting a lot more flavor and really holding on to the terpenes compared to the higher numbers..

    Same mother - cheese candy.. Beautiful strain, but not a heavy yielder.. This one has a lot of purple but she kept throwing new calyxes and they were over-ripening at 70 days; She's usually ready around 60-65 (clones). I'm thinkin I gave her a little too much nitrogen towards the end..

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    Damn! Eattin 1900 she must be a monster! What are you workin with, any pics?
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  18. There is a similar deficiency on more than 1 strain I figured it was looking like a ca/mg def, based on the pix what's up input on identifying the issue to prevent future problems, I guess I thought that my tap or most tap has a source of those and didn't need ca mg unless was RO so how should I go from here

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    ^^^ they're hungry bro .. That's N

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