Multi Strain 1600w, total noob

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  1. Hey guys! Caught myself browsing thru grasscity and saw/learned a lot of valuable shit, so I figured why not start a journal? This is my 3rd grow, I like the idea of growing my own last results were good but could be better. Here's the current setup I'm running coco coir with perlite, 1200w super hps v egged for 4 weeks under 600w hortilux blue. Dutch Pro nutrients whole line, ph is 5.8 to 5.9 drain to waste. Strains are as followed barneys lsd, BB cheese, barneys blue cheese, kosher kush, kosher tangie, DinaChem, Bubba kush. It's more strains than anticipated but why not? The only hassle is hand watering these it does tend to be a PITA but worth it to me. Should I start a journal? This will be my first one and here's my first picture! Hope I can learn from yall!

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  2. Not sure if the sticks are important now lol but I thought they look cool and I do have a problem with the patience is a virtue part lol which is probably where most of my previous problems came from but I shall be patient....
    The stakes will come in handy later, and it's wise to put them in early. You can hermie plants with late stakes.
  4. Lookin' good bro!
  5. Danyul, thanks just looked at u r thread too, that's a nice flower chamber u got super clean and spacy! Nirvana was where I ordered my FIRST beans from shit it took 5 weeks! Will keep updating! thank ya kind sir, didn't know that abt the stakes

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