Multi-Strain - 140w LED - DR40 - Fox Farms OF/Trio

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    Starting out my third grow. I had some trouble with germination is why my last thread was delayed in case anyone was wondering.

    I just planted 3 germinated seeds last sunday night into some red solo cups. They took off fast and everything is going to plan.
    I germinated this time using a glass of distilled water. Works a million times better than the paper towel method in my opinion. paper towel always took me 3-14 days germinating. Distilled water in the cups took 2 days, on two separate occasions, and seeds had huge tails.

    Strains are:
    1x DNA Sour Cream
    1x DNA lemon Skunk.
    1x Reserve Privada RKS

    Going through this entire run with distilled water only. FFOF soil and trio nutrients. Cal-mag when needed. I will also start some type of foliar treatment in a month or so, more info on that when relevant.

    No idea if I can take all three plants through flower in this tent. I'm sure it would work, but it would be packed, and CFL's would be impossible.
    Either way, I have another closet and more room if needed.
    In fact, my goal is to make a HPS flowering room this go around, and keep my little tent for just veg.

    Goal for the grow is at least one ounce off each plant. I'm really shooting for two each though.

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  2. Sub'd. Looking forward to watching this one. Best of luck to you on your grow man. Cheers.
  3. Lets go lets go, let's do dis ting.
  4. Followed your last grow about mid way through without saying anything and now im here to watch full on! I've decided I may want to start a grow here soon so I may be asking a few questions just so I have some knowledge before I actually start. But anyways, good luck with your grow! And sorry about hijacking your thread there for a minute haha :smoking:
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    Thanks bro! Crossing my fingers for the both of us!!!

    Thanks for all the help! You're the man. :wave:
    I'm getting pretty excited for your grow, as is the rest of grasscity I think, ha ha.

    Thanks for following dude! If you ever have any questions don't feel bad using my thread, the more knowledge on here the better.

    Quick update:
    Everything looking great. Getting excited :smoke:
    Thinking of putting a 400W HPS in that second closet, keeping it the flowering room only, adding nothing but that light and a fan.. Any thoughts, concerns, ect on this are more than welcome.

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  6. Hey RJ42,
    I just added a second cabinet myself. I keep it on 24/0. I have two small autos in there right now, one papaya sprout and one NL sprout getting going also. I'm liking having a separate flowering cabinet. You can have a lot more going on all the time with separate veg and flower areas. Its making the whole growing thing even more fun for me.

    Go for it on the closet flowering room idea. You will be happy imo.
  7. Hi RJ42,
    Nice work on your other grows. I just got caught up on reading the journals and was impressed with the results of the Pro-Grow 180. I working on my first grow using T-5’s and I’m looking at the Pro-Grow 400 for my space in the next few weeks. Thanks for posting this grow too, I’m Sub’d!
  8. Update!
    Lemon skunk and RKS are growing fast and strong. Sour Cream has really been stinking, however she has developed multiple spots that I am assuming are nute burn. I transferred yesterday, and she has really started looking better already.

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  9. Thanks for following along! You can't go wrong with the Pro_grow's. Never heard a complaint about them.
    You might want to check out these if you're buying an LED.
    NEW - Diamond Series LEDs - Extreme 3w LED Technology - Advanced LED Grow Lights
  10. Hey RJ42,
    Your plants are looking very nice. I agree on the progrows. They work well and build quality is very good.
  11. Hey RJ42,

    A few questions for you. What height did you start your Pro-Grow 180 at? I was looking back on your first AK-48 grow with the LED and didn’t see that info posted. I pulled the trigger on the 400 and I'm watching the UPS tracking progress as it crawls to me, lol. Also you mentioned running both sets of veg and flower at the same time. Did you notice a big change when you ran them both? Also how is the light penetration with the Pro-Grow? I'm thinking of augmenting mine with CFL's and my T-5 fixtures. I'm thinking side lighting with my T-5's and maybe in between the plants with CFL's.
  12. @Tastebud
    Thanks bro, right back at you.

    I have had my light above that canopy at pretty random variations, haven't noticed much difference either way. I figure you might as well run both sets at the same time. I like running half of it the first 1-2 weeks to keep the humidity up and the soil wet. They seemed to like it more, but I switched to full power about a week ago, and I don't plan on going back.

    I think the light penetration is pretty good, but then again I'm in a tiny reflective tent. Might as well add as many CFL's as your tent can take.
  13. Happy April Fools!

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  14. The Sour Cream is taking over!! Ahhh!!

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  15. About 1 month old! Smart pots are 2 gallon BTW.

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  16. Looks like you really have them dialed in! Keep up the good work!!

  17. Thanks man!
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    Hoping someone has an answer for my question.

    It's been around a month now, and I still haven't added nutrients to the plants. Just a little bit of cal-mag since I've been going distilled water only. The sour cream is still showing a lot of leaf damage and I am not sure what its from.

    Anyone know if it's still just nute burn? Maybe it's a deficiency of some sort?

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  19. Hey RJ,

    Wish I could tell you what was going on, but you have more growing experience than me, lol. I’d double check your pH meter calibration and batteries. I’m calibrating every month now and on the last calibration I noticed the meter had drifted +.47. Just something to keep in mind. You did adjust the pH of your water after adding calmag, right? You transplanted these plants into the 2 gallon pots on or around the 28th? I wouldn’t think the FFOF would be out of nutrients yet, but your plants are getting bigger and they might have gone through what was available to them in the 2 gallon pots. Not too sure, but I hope you can get it fixed.

  20. Hey man, I'll take any advice I can get :smoke:.
    I haven't even been using a PH meter this go around, just distilled water. And I believe distilled water contains no disolved ions so it has no defined PH, therefore it should be pointless to test distilled water.
    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

    It must be nute burn, only thing I can think of. The other two plants have been fed, taking care of the same and they look perfect. So I'm just assuming the sour cream is a bit touchy. She is still growing like crazy though, so I won't worry too much.

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