Multi Plant Pollentaion w/ Sour D Male

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  1. Hey guys I'm running a 3 Sour D plants from bag seed. About 5 days into flower and 1 has shown itself to be a male. I had my suspicions as it is much stalker with tighter nodes than either of the other 2. I also have 2 clones each of bubblicous and purple magoo vegging. The magoos are about 6" while the bubbs are only about 4". I have a vacant 2x4 tent with a 400w hps and would like to make some seeds by crossing the Sour D male with both a clone of the bubblicous and the purple magoo.

    How long should I wait before flowering the clones in order to get a substantial amount of seeds? Can I just flower the 2 clones and the male together in the spare tent? Will the flowering time be as long as for normal buds?

    Thanks in advance I'll be back in a bit :smoking:
  2. First time I have ever gotten such little help in these forums 200 views and no one has anything to say. Anyways... the current plan is to continue flowering the Sour D male in the spare tent. Meanwhile I will continue to veg my clones of purple magoo and bubblicous until they are a little more substantial. Then I will toss them in with the male. Any idea for names on the crosses? I'm thinkin Sour Bubble and Sour Magoo...
  3. few months back i did my 1st breeding project and had success. i took a large cardboard box and put a fan and 4 cfl lights inside it. i had 2 purpleberry females both that turned VERY purple. i was going to turn them into mother plants but decided to go right from rooted clone into flowering. the male i used was from the same pack i had and also showed purple on the stem and male flowers. after about 3 weeks in the cardboard the male swelled and popped all over. i shook him a few times over both to and watched the pollen cloud go everywhere. the were stretching bad and didnt seem to be making great flowers so i added them into my regular flower area with everything else. HERE IS WHERE I WENT WRONG! i forgot to spray them to get all the pollen off before entering the flower area. EVERYTHING from that batch got seeded a little. as far as time to flower it depends when ur pollen gets on it. i would say about 4-5 weeks after pollen. seeds will start to break open pods a little and be black and tiger stripes. i would check a few a week under a simple squeeze test.

    long story short i grew out 4 of the seeds i made and 1 didnt make it 1 was male the 2 female. both females are now in flowering and both are deep purple
  4. :wave:deaner, so this must be what you were talking about when u said u were doing something similar to what i had going in the other thread? il be right behind you, as i am still waiting for the beans to come in the mail.

    i have limited knowledge in the breeding department, but from my experience i would let the clones get a decent size in veg (developed root system,branches etc), and then flip em with the male. a super small cut may not be able to produce super strong seeds, but who knows. also depends on the number of seeds u would like to harvest, bigger plant probably producing more seeds.
    i would leave the pollinated clone to flower for a good while, so the seeds plump up and ripen up real nice. ive seen a pollinated plant go the full cycle and the seeds looked pretty good. never cracked em though. i wonder if the seeds pretty much ripen up with the bud or perhaps they finish sooner?

    for the crosses, how bout..

    sour D x bubblicous = sour D-licious (sour delicious)

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