multi level grow tents?

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  1. currently have a 3x3 tent and im looking for another of similar size that can accomodate two levels. pretty much i want a seed/clone space and veg space all in one tent. is there anything out there that doesnt break the bank? if i get another tent of the same size, can i DIY a shelf inside of it or something?

    any ideas are welcome :)
  2. Get 2 tents one for clones and veg the other for flower. The veg tent can be twice the size of your flower tent so you can make a perpetual setup.
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  3. thats the idea, but im looking for a veg/clone tent

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  4. I'd just get a regular tent the veg clone tents are over priced. Get a 4 foot 4 bulb t5 and your good to go how many mothers you planning on housing
  5. planning on two mothers for now, if attitude comes thru :) will there be any issues keeping clones in the same tent as the mothers?

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  6. Nope I keep mine in the same room and never have probs
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