Multi Cola Plants?

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  1. All 3 of my plants have one main cola And popcorn nugs. Is there something you do to get more colas or is it genetics? I know fimming and topping can give you Two new growths instead of one so wats the deal?
  2. You allready answered the question. Topping ;)
  3. An easy way to achieve this (multiple 'main colas') without any training, is by taking your cuttings
    during mid bloom, about 20-30 days into 12/12.

    The branching hormone which causes the nodal spacing to shorten into what we see as bud is fully present
    at this time, and when revegged, it produces a multiple 'candelabra' like effect that, eventually, will turn
    into a series of near identical main colas.
    This spares a lengthy veg period to train, under the correct conditions you can have as large a turn around
    as a 10 foot tall ceiling can handle, in as little as 11 weeks from cutting the plant from the 'mother'.

    A current plant taken a bit too late in bloom, well over 50 days into 12/12, the branching is somewhat
    less profuse at this point than it would be, due to the mothers starvation/flush for harvest.

    From a crop several years back, cutting taken from mother at day 21 12/12 (my preferred day). The largest bud
    from this plant is the one featured in my avatar.

  4. Wow...ill be glad when this harvest is done with. Ive learned SOOO much from this years grow, next year my harvest should be great! Probably not as much as yours lol

  5. Ill definitely be topping next year :)

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