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  1. Hi folks,
     I am growing my first grow and it is kind of an experiment. I have 2 White auto express fem and 1 Delicious La Frutta Di Venus Auto Fem.
    I have three sprouts and am good to go :p) One white will be hempy and the other two will be soil grown. I have some ionic nutes on the way, the ones that say x amount for soil, x amount for hydro etc. ATM the lighting is 2x 45 watt blue spec CFLS. the grow area is a chest of draws stripped out so about 2.5 foot side to side. 1 foot back to front and about 3 foot top to bottom. I understand that there is a space issue BUT I can gain hight because there is a whole ares cut out at the bottom. I have a [SIZE=12.800000190734863px]pedestal[/SIZE] fan on there for cooling and a in and out pc fan (one in and one out). Fingers crossed that I will have some nice buds in a few months. I will upgrade my light to a low lvl (70 maybe 150 w) hps in a few weeks.
    I will attempt to keep this thread up to date but cant promise any thing. 970375_3146574038917_1514291870_n.jpg
    Cfls with a dummy run tom plant
    Delicious La Frutta Di Venus Auto Feminised
    White Auto express, Hello boys ;p)

  2. HI folks,
     We have day two life (I know life started during germination (and maybe before)). I have 2 pics of the sprout from yesterday. I am shocked that the first leaves have opened and the first set of true leaves is visable after less than 24 hours ! I guess that the genetics that make this auto flower are to thank :p)
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    View attachment 117301
  3. sub'd good luck to you pal. im also doing a auto :) , good karma to you my friend
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    i just noticed you saying about height. if it starts getting to tall try lst/scrog it :) thats my plan as i have about 1m from floor to roof and had to cut a hole in the attic to hold the pot to give me more room :) plus later in the grow i would think about increasing the amount of light you have. as been reading alot about people saying 150w for one plant then 50w more per plant for a good yeild. just my opinion though :)
  5. WOW man I lost this post !! I was just starting a new one ! I have moved my seedlings outta the attic cos of the mad heat ! I was reading upto and a little over 100F Actually I think the plants are a little heat stressed ! I have a 150 w HPS on the way as we speak. I have a dual ballast but cant be arsed to buy the MH for only 3 weeks veg.
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    lol i found it in your profile haha :D .and ouch it has been mad heat lately i got two fans going in mine plus i got the light off from 10am-4pm so during the hottest part of the day to try keep the heat down :D. and yeah that should do keep your cfl's lights on them along with it and place them to the side of the plants so the lower branches and things get that extra bit of light:) im planning on getting 2-3 45w cfl's  next pay now to place around my plant with my 300w cfl :)
  7. SO I have moved out of the attic and into a closet for a while. The temps are holding steady at 75-77F with 65-70%RH.
     I went out and bought some Terra professional.
    970283_3158162888631_1273040687_n (1).jpg 1175_3158162608624_1925005837_n.jpg
     I only had MG compost mixed with seeding compost. Terra is a light mix with added perlite and is designed for the job.
     Here are some updated pics at day 6 from ground breakage.
    frutey.jpg white auto express 2.jpg fruttie.jpg white auto express.jpg
     The water in this are has a very high (for growing cannabis) PH. It comes out of the tap at PH7.6. I am lowering it to around PH5.8-6 which i believe is correct. I have purchased some 16 litre pots for their final home which they will be put into later this afternoon.
    Here are a couple of photos of the current space they are in. It is a shame I cant leave them there but the cupboard is used for storing clothes and towels etc. Would give the game away when it comes to flowering time. Mind you if the temps dont calm down by smelly flowering time then I will have to move the clothes ;p)
    both.jpg cupboard view.jpg
    You can see the plant pot filled with PH'd water and an aquarium pump to keep it all nice and even.
     Any suggestions to the cause of the leaf curling at the edges is ? I put it down to heat and or a couple of waterings with high PH water.
  8. there can be many reasons but in my opinion it seems to have a little heat stress try getting a spray bottle with ph'd water and give them a spray. :)
  9. I found ya, told ya temps in uk lofts get hot lol, I also hit over 100f in the past but I think Iv`e mentioned it in my thread.
    Don`t worry about the curl atm its still a baby, only water when the pot is dry 1st inch or so.
    If you think its down to the heat then you`ve done the right thing by moving them, I used to leave a frozen bottle water next to my intake so the incoming air was chilled, with a spare bottle in the freezer to rotate.
    Now Iv`e found ya I`ll follow along and help where I can, My tents been in the loft for around 3-4 years and Iv`e had many harvests, so what little I have learnt over the last 7-8 years or so maybe of some use lol ;)
  10. I gotta go to the hydro shop later so I will defo get one. I also have a foliar feed for them so that would be handy. Its  ionic formulex.
    I have indica dominant strains so shouldn't have any problems.
  11. Good to have ya along ! I lost all my posts in my account under my content :p( Swansea stoner found it for me :p) Happy days :p).
  12. This is the ballast I got of ebay for about £20  968807_3158212649875_1961502703_n.jpg
    I have ordered the bulb but its 2000K I hope it will be ok with the 2 CFL's I have. I might buy a couple more.
  13. well you got 150w hps 2 45w cfl's total 240w that should be enough for the three plants you got :) my opinion :)
  14. I only got 2 plants cos although another sprouted ok with tap root intact it ceased to do anything in soil. I have one seed left for a hempy run in a few weeks start time :p)
  15. lol that happened to the seed i give a friend :) lol seems to happen a bit with autos :( and if its only 2 plants 240w is perfect amount of light
  16. I think that they make fem seeds from hermaphrodites? Not sure. some things telling me thats what they do. collect pollen from hems then fertalize buds with it. there is no male dna to draw from and so the seeds are only producing female's. thats not natural so there has to be some problems lol.
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    Another update for today, done some re potting etc.
    new homes are 20 ltre pots
    new homes.jpg
    This is them in their new homes for the time being. You can't see em but they look so tiny in there lol.
    pots.jpg pots1.jpg
    This is my needed bits for the hempy grow i have planned

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    I would leave them in the 20l as thats perfect size for autos :) and its looking good mate :)

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  19. They will see the end of their days in these pots. I mean that their temp home is in this cupboard lol

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