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  1. A friend is bringing his cloner/hydro/lights set-up in about 3 weeks. He wants me to keep his strain going for a rotation or 2. He has a nice purple plant line going (don't remember strain?) I would like to grow something else while I have the set-up. I've read that it's better to grow one strain in one solution, but I'm only growing a few plants for personal use. I just don't want to kill his baby's or mine.:smoking:
  2. the more stuff you introduce to the garden the more risks you take of contamination of some sort. but as long as theres room and the roots dont get overcrowded and you dont introduce males(which isnt always such a bad thing) i dont see the harm....
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    If they are going into the same solution, I would get a strain with a similar time frame. Like if you know it's an 8 week strain, get another 8 week strain. That way when it's harvest time you don't have to worry about separating the plants without stressing the ones still in flower. In hydro setups, the roots usually become one big mess, it could be really hard separating without compromising the yield on the others. Though, I've heard people do this successfully with Super Thrive and similar products.

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