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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by amc, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. if any of you are from boston, I was walking from the common after just toking it up and chilling with some dudes we met. really cool guys. anyways were walking to Park street to catch the red line, and I'm stoned and happy, and these 6 kids fall in behind me and 3 friends and im just like "fuck" so I turn and ask whats up and my friends bolt and a kid pulled a knife. I lost a hundred bucks my wallet and some bud. fucking assholes man
  2. im glad ive never met anyone who wanted to stab me over so little.

    WTF fuck that man.......very sorry

    fuckin buzz kill
  3. yeah man. like i was flying high. then the worst fear ever. hey man it beats a knife wound
  4. That's why you should always carry a knife at the very least. Or one of these:
    I call it the "face ripper-offer." Only used it once, and it works damn good. Some fucker thought he might try to get my money or something when I was walking home from the liquor store, so I jammed this into his shoulde and twisted it. Never heard anyone scream like that before. Plus, it's good for when you get in a fist fight or some shit. When a guy throws a punch at you, hit him in the hand with this and he won't be able to use it for the rest of the fight (assuming it lasts longer than seeing this thing coming at your face). I always have a knife or this thing on me when I'm out around town. Can't be too safe anymore.

  5. FUCKIN A!
  6. can i order one of those?
  7. DUDe that fuckin insane:hello:


    hahahahahahahaha fucking spike fist holy shit!

    thats crazy man im in tears from seeing that

  8. throw some Cayenne pepper on it. . .then you'll be slangin HOTSPIKED thunder cookies @ someones GRILL if they try to rob you. *feel the burn suKA:hello:*
  9. How do you carry that in your pocket and not pee in 17 different directions.
  10. I actually thought of making one of those before, never knew what it was I just thought about brassknuckles with some small blades on it.
  11. What I was thinking.

  12. Whoah dude, 2 days ago me and 3 friends were walking back from the common to Park Street after chilling with some kids we met at the common too and 4 guys fall in behind us and im like "fuck" and me and one of the kids im with are walking away as fast as we can and we turn and hes like "oh shit dude there mugging em!" and im like "fuck!" cause I thought they were behind us as we walked away into a small crowd of people. So we turn to see the kids run away, they pulled a knife on my two friends and got 36 dollars (One of my friends had 175 on him though) Fuck man our stories are scarily similiar.
  13. thank god for FL concealed carry licenses..... I dunno wtf I'd do living up north with all those crazy gun laws.
  14. First off what the hell is that made of?!
    Second thing.. how do you carry it around? Do you keep it on your fist or like somehow put it in your pocket and pray it doesn't mangle your dick?
  15. wow i take the red line pretty much every day but never had any trouble you gotta be careful at night though
  16. yeah man i know
    i forgot that the days get shorter, and before i knew it, the day was gone.
    and riseagainst.
    sup retard haha

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