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  1. So I planted my germinated seeds into one of those Jiffy Window Greenhouse Seed Starter things thin morning and decided it was time to start my first grow thread…

    Let me back up for a minute…I ordered from Attitude and I'm planting 3 strains:

    -G13 Labs Feminized Purple Haze
    -Paradise White Berry
    -the freebie UFO Greenhouse The Church.

    3 weeks ago, after doing a some research and asking some questions here on GrassCity I decided I would practice what I had read and learn as I went so I wouldn‘t mess up the ones I had paid for when the time came . I got some bag seeds from a buddy that had been saving them, germinated them overnight, planted them in some paper cups, covered them with Saran Wrap, and put them in my window. I planted about 20 seeds. About 2 days later I had some little sprouts growing. Only about 8 sprouted. Looking back I didn't wait for a little tap root to emerge before planting and I think that had something to do with it. After about a week after I planted them, the plants were lookin really tall and skinny. So I did some research I realized that starting in a window might not have been the best idea since they stretch out. So those plants went under a light for about a week, besides leaving them too close to the light and burning a few of the leaves, they improved under the light. Currently the smallest has 3 sets of leaves and the biggest 4. They are all about the same size though. I plan on transplanting them to the outdoor spot sometime this week.


    In this time that I was experimenting with these bag seeds I found myself 2 good little concealed spots out in the pines. Me and the buddy that gave me the bag seeds cleared it out one afternoon and prepped the ground with Black Kow, some Miracle-Gro garden soil, and a couple bags of topsoil. I wish I would've know more about good soil for growing Cannabis before I went and bought this stuff. If you guys have any recommendation for next time I would really appreciate it.:confused: (I know Fox Farms is good but on their website there is only one store in my state that sells it and its 3+ hours away).

    My seeds came from Attitude on the 15th. I put them in separate, labeled, tuber ware containers in between several damp paper towels. Left them in the dark for about 36 hrs checking them about every 8hrs. Sure enough, this morning the Purple Haze and White Berry were sprouting a taproot:D. Unfortunately The Church was not so it went back into the container. I put the beans into a Jiffy Window Greenhouse Seed Starter thing I got at Lowes. I just checked the Church and its got a little white root starting to crack the shell so it'll probably be ready by tonight.

    :hello::yay: TAPROOT!


    I'll be sure to keep yall up to date on the progress.

    Oh and sorry my pictures i have no idea why they are so big and their so blurry cause their taken with my cell phone because I don't have a camera
  2. Just as expected, The Church sprouted its taproot sometime this afternoon and its now planted in the seed starter!
  3. you definitely want to get those babies some good light.
    i would throw them outside if the weather is nice, my favorite thing about cups is u can place em all on your roof, so they can really good light, of course thats temporary until their ready to be transplanted.

    as far as the soil goes, if you cant get fox farm.. look on here for a good mix.
    ive seen some posts where theyll put percentages of what ingredients to mix.
    its actually a lot cheaper that way also.
    if i can find anything ill posts it on here.
  4. thanks dude, yea im transplanting the bagseeds into some 6 inch pots today, its not really that sunny outside, actually pretty overcast, but i still think i will put them out there for a while
  5. [​IMG]

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    bagseed plants transplanted into some 6 inch pots
  6. in light of recent events, (AKA- the fuckin seed starter pellet tray killing my 3 prized seeds that cost me 35 bucks and tons of stress worrying about them getting snached by customs ) this thread might just get its name changed to "MuddyTires First Grow- how to fuck up seeds"

    hopefully these bag seed plants do ok and i end up getting something out of this. NEVER USE SEED STARTER PELLETS!!!!
  7. nothin from the fucked seeds that i replanted. oh well there goes the dank stuff. back to the bagseed plants. hopefully i wont kill them too. will post pic update soon
  8. Good luck man! If it makes you feel any better, i sent a hundred euros for some seeds from Amsterdam and got totally screwed over. Either they pocketed the money or someone at the post office did.
  9. wow man that sucks sorry to hear that. the Attitude sent them and i recieved them....then i fucked up and killed them hahah

    its ok i still got the bag seed growing outside in my little spot.

    I'll post a picture update of the bagseed soon.
  10. alright guys heres a pic update for you...I started out with 20 bagseeds now i have 4 plants. had to get rid of some because they were in really bad shape and just werent worth the risk. some died. and some got ate by grasshopers. anyway these are the final 4. hopefull i wont kill these ones too haha.

    1st plant--this ones shaded by a tree a little more than the others. i think thats why its a little smaller

    2nd plant--biggest one

    3rd plant-- little smaller than #2 but just as bushy

    4th plant--retard mutant plant that got ate up pretty bad by grasshopers. ill actually be suprised if it survives till harvest time.

    once again, sorry for the poor picture quality. their taken with my shitty cell phone camera and this is the best i can do. also its dusk so the plants color looks a little off in the pics. their a richer green, not a yellowish.
  11. Sucks about the seeds, I had one not pop up either so I know the pain. I'd put some more soil over those since they are gonna keep stretching towards the light. Hope it works out for you and thanks for stopping by my journal, i'll be following yours now. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the input! I always enjoy hearing some feed back. Yea they got stretched a little when i had them sprouting in my window, their outside now though so hopefully the stretching has stopped for the most part. I had considered covering the stalks more but just decided to leave them as they were. Honestly if they grow to be 5 feet it'll help them blend into the surroundings better! But harvesting will be a pain in the ass haha. Well thanks for stopping by the grow! look for another update soon
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    Little picture update. the plants aren't lookin too good. they've streched alot since i planted them outside for good. and i think the bugs are gettin to them. some of the lower leafs are pretty chewed up looking.

    this one is still the biggest, probabaly 6'' now. streched alot since last check.

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    this is the mutant looking plant. that was either 2 seeds or had 2 sprout from 1 seed, i dont know

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    this one is #3 its not gotten much bushier but grown a little taller

    and lastly this is the one thats shaded by the tree the most. its not grown too much either
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  14. no up dates or nothing? since the 14th? well i hope they survive
  15. Hope it's going well :)
  16. Alright GC sorry for such a long time between post. Since my last update I've moved and also been working on setting up a cab to grow in cause this outdoor growing is just to unpredictable and overall sketchy for me hahaha. at any rate heres the update:

    Went to check the spot today. One Plant had died...who knows why. I guess thats what I get for going so long between checks. It was brown and shrivvled up. Also one plant was sportin a good bit of male flowers, some already opening. That one way jerked out of the ground promptly. Hopefull it hasn't polinated any of the others that I'm assuming are females since they didn't have the male flowers like this one did. All the plants were about 2-3 ft. tall. All are looking pretty sativa dominate.

    Also, Anyone know why my plants are ALL doin this wierd lookin zig-zag pattern of growth? I tried to get a good pic with it but I'm using my shitty camera on my phone


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