Muddy buds

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  1. How do you guys keep the bottom buds from getting mud on them?

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  2. Trellis you plants
  3. Trellis? Scrog? Sometimes branches on autos form kinda close to the ground n they get mud splashed from rain.
    If ur talking about scrog, I would actually love to try that out but I have privacy issues n that would make em stick out like a sore thumb ya know.

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  4. I trim mine up high enough on the stalk that the dirt don't splash up on them. That's one of the quickest ways for outdoor plants to get fungus, etc., from rain splashing the soil up on the plant. We run our outdoor plants in 5 gallon buckets and then get those buckets up off the ground a couple of feet. This eliminates the possibility of anything getting onto them from the ground. We also keep them sprinkled with general garden pest dust during flower to keep the buggers off and the butterflies from laying their larvae in the buds and hatching out caterpillars. We just rinse the plant right after we pull it to get it off. We have the ideal environment here for the caterpillars and once the plants get heavy with resin, it's like sending out a cattle call to the things. They can eat a plant in a day if you don't catch them and we get bud rot along with them. So preventative measures needed or we don't make it to harvest with an outdoor plant around here. The yields are less, but the harvest is pretty much guaranteed with the indoor grow so we stick with that mostly and just run a few outside for fun sometimes. TWW
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  5. Put down some kind of mulch that won't splash up back up.
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  6. I use cages.
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  7. Lollipop your plants. Fungus and nasty bugs are in the soil so it's not good to let them hang on the ground.

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