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  1. Today a friend of mine mentioned that one of his friends, an amateur grower, tried growing in mud. A hydroponic style system but with mud. He couldn't really tell me much more except he smoked it an it was good. I am a fairly experienced soil grower, but lack knowledge in hydroponic system growing. I've never heard of this 'mud growing'. But am interested to hear if anyone else has an what ya'll have to say about it. Thankx.
  2. MUD hahahaha never herd of that lol thort mud was wet soil lol
  3. It is hard to imagine how one would keep the root zone from going anaerobic. But, there are people who grow very large plants in bogs and marshes where the substrate the plants are in can be considered to be mud. I would be interested in hearing about his process.
  4. I grew one about 2 feet in a pile of mud.. i used to throw seeds out my window and one day i look and there's a plant sticking out the mud.. it eventually died at about 2feet
  5. Maybe a DWC with mud in a bucket with a bubble stone. IDK if it would work and IDK if this guy was for real.

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  6. Grown plants for my frog in its mud container. Attracts bugs for it to eat and looks cute. Good way to hold on to males.

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  7. Dwc is where it's at its simple I feed one time a week and it takes me three months start to finish

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