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  1. I know I'm not the only mud slut on these forums. Looking to Share stories/whips with fellow blades.

    Obviously by my photo I have a truck and although she's not a bogger yet , she's getting there. Anyone ?
  2. I've got a Jeep Grand Cherokee, completely stock. I've been through some pretty deep mud with that, but I don't plan to build it up to be a good mud truck. If anything, I might lower it a couple inches. It'll still have decent ground clearance
  3. I dabble

  4. Love it. No truck right now though and I won't have one for a good while unfortunately...
  5. Think I'm in the same boat. Kinda wrecked mine two days after my post above... :rolleyes:
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    These are the only photos I have of my Jeep getting muddy:

    During (she was a lot dirtier than she looks in this one ;) )


    That was kinda a dumb but fun move on my part... Went in alone (with a friend who has no vehicle), with nearly bald tires.

    LSD and my flat tires saved my ass from getting stuck for sure :D

    edit: There's also this little funclip, but it's not mudding:

  7. Last time I went wheeling I got stuck and posi trac diffs fucked me over.

    I tried to go around a steep dirt mound which was a small swamp crossing,fronts sunk and I had a bad entry angle.The rear was flexed out to the point of rubbing the fenders.

    Typical posi track story,the wheels that need it the least got the most power and were just slinging swamp water.
    I had to call up my friend with a zj to help pull me out but he couldnt get traction.

    My dad had to bring his Chevy pickup truck to pull me out.overall I was stranded for the good part of 3 hours.

    Lost my key for the front doors/hatch too.

    Tried walking down the trail on foot the next day and couldn't find it.only thing I got out of going back was a flex pic with rear trimmed fenders.

  8. Time to invest in a some locks, a winch or some giant offroad tyres...? :p :D
  9. Why the hell would you want to lower a jeep? :p
  10. I got a few :)

    I drive a 86 ford bronco W/diesel swap on some big ass tires :) me and my buddy went out with 2 girls we were hanging with at the time.

    We were going through some pits with the top off, and one of the girls wanted to go sit in the back behind the back seats ( If you have been in a bronco or a right year blazer youll know what im talking about)anyway, she was sitting in the back and we came up to a big hole, i told everyone they might wanan throw seat belts on just so there not bucked out, the girl in the back declined, so i backed up to give me some room, and just ran at the pit, turns out the exit was a steep hill and i revved up and hit it and the girl got thrown out the back of the truck into the mud as a climbed like a majestic beast onto the bank.

    Told her to buckle in, she was in the danger zone :cool:

    I was out with my friend who had a late 80s jimmie, He took a huge jump and smashed the back window out and his passenger ended up putting his foot through the floor ahha. Thank god my broncos solid metal still :)

    Was travelling, and the highway had an accident on it, we were backed up for a few kms and were there for at least 2 hours before I gave up, I looked on my gps and there was a side road about 100 yards to the east that would take us wayyy past the accident but between us was swampland.
    So i put it in 4x4 made the turn, and romped straight through the swamp, climbed up onto the side road, and continued along my way:D

    Several other trucks that were big enough followed suit after realizing what I had done.

    When i had just accomplished the engine swap and had put the new tires on my baby I went out in some trails to trail crawl.

    I came across a H1 that had managed to get itself stuck. I pulled along the left of him, swung around on the trail so the front end of my truck was facing him, than i got out to lock my hubs in, the guy whos sitting on his hummer at this point yells at me what am i doing.
    I replied locking my hubs to pull you out. He gets pissed and starts smacking his hummer bitching about how i managed to get through the mud without even locking and he got his hummer stuck.

    winched the poor guy out of the mud, after he offered to buy my truck as soon as we were out of the bush but i declined :)

    Its my ford baby!
  11. Make it handle better on the road, where most of my driving is done
  12. [quote name='"9D3"']I've got a Jeep Grand Cherokee, completely stock. I've been through some pretty deep mud with that, but I don't plan to build it up to be a good mud truck. If anything, I might lower it a couple inches. It'll still have decent ground clearance[/quote]

    Then why buy a jeep ? No point in buying a Cherokee to lower it.. that's like putting a wing on a civic.

  13. I think he was gonna go for a sleeper suv.

    He had the 5.9 liter v8 in his Cherokee.
  14. Bingo!

    And lol I wouldn't buy a Cherokee to lower it, that would be pointless. I bought a Grand Cherokee and decided after a few months of ownership that lowering it a couple inches would be a good idea. Not like I was gonna turn it in to some rice mobile that sits 0.5" above the ground and rubs on the slightest bumps...

    Why buy a Grand Cherokee if I'm mostly on the road?
    - 4 wheel drive for winter and those off road moments
    - The 5.9L V8 that makes it launch
    - The 5.9L V8 that also gives it huge performance potential
    - The 5.9L V8 that makes it a sleeper
    - The 5.9L V8
    - All the storage space of a station wagon with a more luxurious, comfortable interior than any station wagon I've seen
    - Parts are all over the place for them
    - They are cheap to buy
    - I find them sexy

    Would anyone like more reasons? :D
  15. Wooooooow! I had quite the night :)
    Went out this afternoon with a lady friend in the truck, wanted to go out and do some mudding, rolling down the trail i saw a off trail that hadnt been there last time, so i take the turn and rumble onto the trail.
    About 50 yards down i come across a huge hole, prob 20 feet wide and 40 feet long about 4 deep at the center. gnarly hole.

    Anyway we start manuevering around the side of the hole, not wanted to risk getting stuck and not knowing at the time how deep it was, i slowly crawled through and got without any issue to the other side, Got out to take a look at the hole again and heard a engine going in the background, some guy comes flying around the corner in a grand am, whips up to the puddle, stops backs up, realigns himself, and tries to fly through the puddle in his car hahahaha!he gets about half way than his car just starts swimming, tires spinning water, werent even hitting the mud underneath haha.

    At this point he stops revving the engine up, rolls his window down, climbs on the roof, and just looks sadly at the mess he was in.

    I winched the guys car out but it was wrecked, water was up to the top of the steering wheel and the inside had flooded.

    I guess the guy had a bet for 2 grand that he couldnt make it through the trail in his grand am :D took the guy through the rest of the trail and dropped him off at his place, he said he was gonna call a tow to see what the plan was for his car out there hahaha. I just got back from dropping him off at his place
  16. Oh man, that sounds like an awesome night. Would've been hilarious to watch that :D I can't believe he thought he'd actually make it through!
  17. 4.0 fo lyfe son :smoking:
  18. Also good, but I'm not sure if I could go to a 4.0 after getting used to the power of the 5.9. But those things don't die...

    If I got a 4.0, I'd have to turn it in to a 4.7 stroker :devious:

  19. Look up clifford performance, 6=8. You can build up a 4.0 or 4.2 and make it a monster. High flow carb, intake, cam, and a header and your set.

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