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Mud Bight Delight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheElcinator, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever hear of this strain? My family is telling me it's a strain that was created in my hometown of Ketchikan, AK. There's an Indian camp used for tourists there called 'Totem Bight' which I'm sure is how the strain name would have come to be.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of this strain and if they know anything about it.
  2. Bump for day crowd
  3. Bump again. I'm hoping someone else here has heard of it!
  4. :smoking:I have a strain called MUD FUCK it came from the mudbite delight mother & pollen from the original Matanuska thunderfuck father that is extinct now to my knowlodge it was crossed over 18 years ago by my buddy of mine from Cregg Alaska & A Native from Ketchikan Alaska This Mud Fuck Strain has been cloned for almost two decades last year it was tested at 28% THC I think this strain is the most potent strain I have ever came across & if you tried it you would all agree! like every one else who has consumed it. I am one of three people with this strain in Oregon
  5. [quote name='"Puffinonindoor"']:smoking:I have a strain called MUD FUCK it came from the mudbite delight mother & pollen from the original Matanuska thunderfuck father that is extinct now to my knowlodge it was crossed over 18 years ago by my buddy of mine from Cregg Alaska & A Native from Ketchikan Alaska This Mud Fuck Strain has been cloned for almost two decades last year it was tested at 28% THC I think this strain is the most potent strain I have ever came across & if you tried it you would all agree! like every one else who has consumed it. I am one of three people with this strain in Oregon[/quote]

    Man, I'm jelly. I wish I could taste!
  6. I know this is old but I came a cross this post and could not believe my eyes nor could i resist responding to this. I have heard of it but not for almost 25 years. My family is from in and around K-town Ak. Sometime in the mid 80s hightimes mag had a ranking of best buds of the year or something (hard to remember exactly due to time frame) but #1 was mud bite delight and number 2 was matanuska thunderfuck. This i remember well because both were directly from that area. I rode the matanuska fairy multiple times over those years and smoked the m-thunderfuck multiple times and it was amazing but unfortunately was never able to get a hold of the mud bite delight. The story that was passed to me from multiple sources back in those days were that a man that lived out on mud bite road had perfected genetics over 20 some years and kept a tight lock on it. Only very few of his close friends and family had any sort of access. Supposedly the owner passed and left only a few seeds and one of the family members, im guessing the son, was left the seeds. Thats all i got but will add that over the last 25 or so years on numerous occasions, i found myself lost in thought on this subject and have considered this strain the one that slipped through my paws a few times. I have lusted over this ghost for a long time. Glad to see someone else remembers a name that has long been forgotten.
  7. Mud Bight originated over 30 years ago in Ketchikan on the north end of town.  There was a cove that housed a few float houses and at high tide was just that, a cove, but at low tide, all the float houses would end up sitting on the muddy bottom.  This little flotilla/homestead became known as Mud Bight and this is where Mud Bight was born.  If i remember correctly, i think it is around 75% indica - 25% sativa.... a very, VERY high potency Afghani weed.  Dark green, very dense buds, extremely aromatic!!  Very protected strain, growers were literally hand-picked to carry on the strain and it was certainly a seasonal delicacy.  Rumor would start sweeping through town that "The Bight" was going to be available within a month/week or whatever and phone calls were made to place orders, no kidding!  When it was gone, it was gone!  Had to wait until the next crop was available.  I was lucky enough to be very good friends with a few of the chosen growers (literally knew them for years, very well, yet they never let on that "they" were growing the bight and i had NO clue they were growing, only that they could get it when it became available)!!  That's how secretive this group of growers was.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to get a clone and i protected that little angel for years.  Brought it to one of the original "founders/growers" to flourish alongside his amazing MudBight mothers as i did not trust myself to care for such a special plant.  I had smoked this weed since the mid 70's and acquired my first and only clone in early 2000's.  Yes, it did rank #1 in HighTimes at one point in the 70's.... cant remember exact dates but it was going up against strong contenders of their time:  Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, Maui-Waui, Thai-Stick (original Thai-Stick, the only weed i could compare to MudBight in terms of potency)!  I heard it took 2nd at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup at one point but no idea the dates.  My all time favorite bud... ahhhh, memories!  
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  8. I know this strain. I still live in area and may be one of the few that could possibly get my hands on a plant. Mud Bight Delight was the legendary strain bred in Ketchikan, Alaska. I heard all the stories partially growing up here. The legend that I heard from locals with parent who where there was that it was a botanist who worked for the forest service doing studies here that made the strain. There used to be a string of about 6-8 houses on floats in a muddy bay about 11 miles north of town. That's where he happened to live when he made the strain. That muddy bay is still called Mud Bight but the float houses were torn out over 10 years ago.

    Many people don't know but prior to about 1990 weed was quasi legal here in Alaska. It was the federal government under George Walker Bush that finally dropped the hammer and threatened to cut off funds unless Alaska started enforcing marijuana prohibition that they finally knuckled under. There was a strong culture of potheads in Alaska and in Ketchikan in general and that definitely helped give rise to the strain. It's the type of place you can go to be alone to work on a proper strain without fear of being jailed at the time.

    These stories in the previous posts are great because that's exactly what it was like. I only knew a few older friends who had contact to "The Bight". Word would start to spread a few days before it was going to be around. I was lucky enough to get in on a few group purchases where I would send a friend of a friend to hook us all up with a few bags. It was always super secret. Small town weed culture always is. You don't get to personally know a contact until you've lived in a town for a long time. They don't trust new comers. You had to grow up with these dudes to buy "The Bight" directly. It wasn't so true later on but the dudes that grew this stuff in the 80's and 90's knew what they were doing. This strain didn't go to any amatures. It was always perfectly cured and super dank. They took pride in putting out a new crop of the bight and always wanted to top the last, going to more and more advanced grow setups. I heard second hand about CO2 and advanced aeroponics here for the first time in the early 90's.

    Old timers still talk about it and I see some of the dudes in those circles to this day. I can all but guarantee that strain still lives around this town. It seems like an Afghani to me. It's extremely resinous and powerful. Probably near 30%thc. I remember the bowls would last for days.

    You would be excited to finally get a bag of this dank mud bight. We would finally pack a big bowl and start passing it around looking forward to a second but halfway through the first you and your friends would forget what you were doing. A half hour later someone would look down and proclaim, "This bowl is still green?".

    I know there's people growing that Mud Fuck strain here still as well. After I clear my bud room out in a few weeks I'm going to get a cutting of something special from my buddy that's a do not share strain, some kind of local custom strain that I'm not supposed to let leave my garden without permission. I'll get more info on it later... Probably a month or so.
  9. For Anybody interested. It sounds like I just picked up one of the last Mud Bite Delight crops out there. follow @trichome_t to see more.
  10. Lol. Alaskan weed. Pass.
  11. Alaska Thunderfuck? Shows your cannabis knowledge. Some of the great modern strains were made there. How good of outdoor do you think you can grow with 24hr sun? It was near legal up to 1990. Many of the hippies moved up here for freedom and grew good weed all through the late 70's and 80's. There's some very good strains around backwoods people never shared. They're too good for those lower 48 folk. =)

    You know how many independent growers there are when you have to ride a snowmobile to your closest neighbor? You have to grow your own to make sure you have any.
  12. I'm life long resident & lucky enough to smoke it through HS, just recently was lucky enough to get a bag from some old timers, said took them 8 years to get the seeds. IMG_1562.JPG

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  13. WTF? In Ketchikan? This is a Ketchikan strain.
  14. I am an old timer. Other old timers around here have been looking for the strain for longer then 8 years. I've been around Ketchikan on and off for 25 years. I haven't had what I would consider real mud bight since the 90's. The problem was the strain was so popular when it was scarce anyone that popped an old bag seed called it mud bight. There was a lot of impostors around.
  15. If your still in Ketchikan I'll let you try it. I honestly couldn't tell you if it is since been so long since I've had it for sure! I think people growing need to work on their curing!
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  16. Everyone is starting out. A bunch of amateurs flooding the market with crap. I'd love a clipping. PM me. I have some good strains worth trading. I'm on the North end.

    I sent a few locals a picture of your seed pack and they said, "No f'in way!". LOL! I got a, "I find that hard to believe."

    I'll grow her proper.
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  17. I wish I had seeds of Mud Bight, that was an eighth of supposedly Mud Bight. I was going to have you smoke it see if you could tell, I think they didn't give correct curing time or didn't cure correctly or packaged before was completely dry. I can tell you definitely know what your doing! Anytime you want to meet up just let me know!
  18. I heard about it in lemon creek correctional center about three years ago and have been trying to get friends in Ktown to look for me. I live in Humboldt now, and we've got plenty of great strains, but Id definitely like to get some seeds from back home.
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  19. I still haven't met up with Leon. I'm shy but I would love to get a hold of a few seeds. It's one of those legendary local strains. It was actually in high times in the 80-90's.

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