Much of central/south america to decriminalize marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Shinjin, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. fucking awesome! Why is there so much momentum of late? This is great! thanks for the post!
  2. Fuck yeah! I'm going to cook some breakfast while singing with a tone of happiness.

    I know that CNN may want to keep its "objective outlook," but that "less harmful" being in quotation bothers me. It should be unquoted and the whole sentence should end with an exclamation point.
  3. i heard the news on the radio, its awesome that they are changing the laws
  4. This is awesome! Now the U.S. and other countries will be pressured into following suit.
  5. Another step in the right direction. If regions begin doing it, the world may not be able to ignore this "problem."
  6. yeah, thats pretty annoying but we'll take what we can get from a controlled media outlet.
  7. Just like they couldn't afford to continue the expensive, ideological practice of alcohol prohibition during the Great Depression, lawmakers are having to actually think about policies once again and the drug war is expensive with little return on investment. When speaking of job creation and not wasting resources, marijuana, like alcohol, stands at the ready as the next "big" industry. Well, correction- the next big LEGAL industry. It's already huge but the profits are going to all the wrong places.
  8. YESSS!! very very nice guys, i agree it seems like we are getting a lot of momentum lately with the bills being introduced in minnesota, VT, NH, etc.. to obama saying things that can be interpreted as hands off feds let the states run their business, and then to this, i am very happy to wake up to this news. although on a side note, the guy in the picture that looks like a lizard does not really portray a good image lol.
  9. they need to legalize, tax, and regulate it in order to beat the drug lords!!!

  10. I agree, of all the people they use a photo of that guy. That photo and the "less harmful" quotations really bother me..........
  11. what really bothers you about the less harmful thing, well i agree that in quotes im just like really? they had to put it in quotes? but lets say you vape or even cook which imo are the best ways to consume thc, i feel like theres still some bad effects, although minimal and that the benefits greatly outweigh the loss of memory etc.

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