MUAHAHA who said i wasnt prepared to grow??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mrdulin, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. 1 5000k 3 way 50w-150 2150 lumens
    3 2700k 1750 lumens 26 watt
    2 clamp lamps and a fan
    jiffy seed rot cubs and a plug intention

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  2. Wheres the pots? o_0
  3. ahh they are in my floor lol
  4. That first bulb is 50/100/150 "replacement" watts, which means nothing. Run that on a regular socket and you get the middle position, which should be close to 26 actual watts.
  5. oh..
  6. Congratulations you can now grow 3 seedlings. Get some more lights dudee
  7. lol thanks...i finaly got the money and ima stick with 2 plants.. i need more lamps or sockets i have 2 more 2700k bulbs

  8. are you sure about that???
  9. More growers More weed
  10. I had 300 watts worth of cfls going inside of a grow box. Plants did alright during vegetative, but during flowering, they didn't produce much at all. Tried this a few times and then got tired of all the hard work for the shitty result. You could spend around 100 bucks and get a nice 400watt light that will kick the shit out of your current setup. I personally went with the 600w and got pounds off a few plants using the same setup. Lights make all the difference in the world.
  11. hm... idk man i seen pretty good results on CFLs idk what you did to your plants but ive seen a plant give off a few ounces (dry)

  12. trust toastybiz. full stop .
  13. Lol, whatever, a few pounds > a few ounces.
  14. damn so there is really no reason to have that bulb in there i should just put the 6500k in the middle and 2 2700k in the lamps??
  15. Look at the photo you took, it's right there: "replacement" watts. Yes I'm sure.
  16. how can i make it like 150 watts id love that
  17. buy an 150 watt cfl?
  18. theres not one... and i have to have a 3 way switch to use the 150 watt .. damn so im really only using 23watss.. and like 600 lumens... should i switch it out with a 26 watt 2700k 1750 lumens bulb?
  19. All your guna do with that is start a few need more light to get anywhere brotha those are way to weak to make your plant grow big and STRONG
  20. You don't get it -- even if you had a 3-way socket, that bulb is NOT 150 watts. A CFL of 150 actual watts would be around 10,000 lumens. "Replacement" watts is a marketing gimmick, it means NOTHING of growing.

    And there certainly are 150w CFLs...

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