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  1. I havent watched MTV in a while. Are they still as anti-MJ as they used to be?

    I always thought that they were the biggest bunch of hypocrites -- with their stupid "Above the Influence" campaign, yet on every reality show they show people getting fall-down drunk and completely wasted.

    I guess they think that getting drunk and making an idiot of yourself on national TV is ok, yet having a few tokes to kick back is the devil!!!
  2. I'm not sure. Likewise I haven't watched MTV in a good minute. Back in the day was straight.
  3. MTV should be shut down most of the shows are garbage glorifying high school mothers and that non sense no one wants to see.
  4. Mtv Jams is the shit though!
    I don't know of any other channels that play hip hop videos 24/7
    I don't give a fuck about Mtv or Mtv2, but Mtv Jams is a very important part of my life
  5. Wow.

    Talk about mind blown. :eek:

    With all of the bullshit that has been glorified on MTV over the decades (yes, I remember when it first came on the air), I don't even know why it just now dawned on me that they were so anti-MJ, especially with their obvious support of alcohol.

    I really don't know if you can get any more hypocritical than that.:mad:

    Doesn't really matter. The whole damn channel has gone to shit anyway. A music channel that doesn't play music...:rolleyes:
  6. well, they arnt music television thats fo sho :(

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